Nov 1, 2011

Halloween Festivities {Part 2}: Halloween Zoo Party 2011

Aaron had to work on Monday and couldn't spend time trick-or-treating with the boys so we ventured back to the Zoo after a nice hiatus from all the chaos.  We've gone before and found ourselves fighting the crowd more than enjoying ourselves or our child (Liam wasn't born yet).  But, this year we really had no choice in order for Aaron to get that time.  I must say, it wasn't too bad and we had a wonderful time taking pictures with the staff and stopping at the candy stations.  Plus, it was Liam's first time.  He loved looking at all the fun costumes and listening to the music they had playing around the Zoo.  The weather was great, too!  It was very enjoyable and I'm so glad we did it. 

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Rock on, Yogi!

Funny story, as the crew were getting into position for the picture, Liam started wheeling himself away.  Woody had a good laugh and almost fell.  Silly Woody, and silly Liam!

Liam didn't know what to think.

And of course, what would a Zoo be without a few animals, right?

I think he had candy envy.

This picture absolutely cracked me up.  "Hey Landon, go over there and stand next to those guys."  The next thing I see is him posing just like them.  Have I mentioned that I love my kid?  I love his sense of humor.

Then, as Aaron stands behind me he says, "Look, it's Liam.".  We had a good laugh, but then Aaron took him over to pose...and he DID look like them!  Too funny!

Zoo Dance Party

If you look closely, you can see all the parents and kids literally following the yellow brick road.  Wizard mind trick.  Hysterical.


Landon really gets into the superhero thing.  See his ribs?  He's tough.

As we were leaving, Landon pretends to take flight. He's definitely a crowd-pleaser.

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  1. Awesome shots. Such a great idea for crash dummy. Adorable!!


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