Nov 7, 2011

batter's day saturday

A long time ago Landon came up with names (or things to do) for each day.  Saturday just happened to be batter's day and seems to have stuck since then.  Every now and then we would play baseball, running around sliding into invisible bases, but something about this day was special.  He was surrounded by a group of buddies, and maybe even a little love interest.  Landon is the sweetest so it doesn't shock me at all for him to be popular with the ladies.  He's lovable, kind, fun, hilarious, cool, affectionate, intelligent, and he's great about sharing his belongings.  All of those qualities have made him "the man" in our neighborhood.  Little Madison (the little girl in the rain boots) waits patiently every day for Landon to show his face.  As soon as Landon's out the door, I hear, "Hey Landon, you want to come play with me?".  She's excited and ready to get her play on.  She is the cutest.  When she would talk to me, she would address me as "Landon's Mom".  As in, "Hey, Landon's Mom, how are you?" or "Landon's Mom, can Landon come over?".  I didn't want to correct her because it made my heart smile every time she said it.  But, I finally told her my name, so now we're good friends.  We high-five each other.  It's awesome.  The kids had a great time playing ball.  I even joined in on the fun.  I love my life.

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