Nov 20, 2011

handmade goodies and girls

I love it when Landon comes home with crafts he made at school.  I usually get them around holidays and such.  I'm sure I'll have more coming my way this week for Thanksgiving the two days he's in school.  One year around this time he came home dressed as an Indian.  He made the hat out of construction paper and necklace out of pasta, which he wore home, along with an old art shirt he painted on.  He looked so cute.  This time, for Halloween, he came home with a glittery web mask.  I thought it was pretty neat, and had I known before I had invested in mask for his costume, I would have used it instead.  He was very attached.  I even caught him wearing it to bed a time or two.  Little boys want to be superheros at heart and I love it. 

In recent posts I have talked about neighbor kids and how Landon is smitten with one in particular, Madison.  She a doll baby and so friendly.  She jumps out of her clothes when she hears or sees us in our back yard.  Her face lights up and it melts my heart big time.  When we get our fence, I'm sure that will be a sad day for Miss Madison as well as the others living close by.  So sad.

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If I don't get a chance to talk to you, I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving!

Nov 19, 2011

project 365: week 46

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317.  Aaron was nice enough to snap a few photos of me.  I never get any, so it was nice being in front of the lens for a change.
318.  Liam turned 27 months!
319.  I don't remember my maple being this red this time of year, so I took a picture of the pretty red leaves growing on it.
320.  Liam enjoyed some outside time with his friends.  Madison was sweet enough to let Liam play with her ball.
321.  We opened Landon's new Spongebob Lego set he bought with his birthday money.
322.  Professor Landon teaches me Anatomy 101 - the brain, blood stream, bones, etc.  Where does he come up with this stuff?
323.  I had a nice, hot cup of Joe to get my busy day started.  Coffee always makes my days seem less chaotic.

Nov 13, 2011

liam turns 27 months {as of yesterday}!

This photo is a little bittersweet for me since this will be his last monthly photo in his cast.  The only thing that could change that is if the doctor schedules Liam after December 12th (which will be his 28th month).  But, I'm secretly hoping this will be it so we can get him going in his brace and into PT.  He is doing wonderful.  The cast hasn't affected him in any way other than not being able to get up and go.  He finds a way.  We are so glad this stage is almost over.  He will definitely be out of his cast by Christmastime.  I'm excited!!

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project 365: week 45

First and foremost, thank you to those who helped with votes for baby Liam these last couple of days.  You guys are the best, and you know who you are!!

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310.  Senior photo shoot.
311.  Family photo shoot with the Hudsons.
312.  Liam plays peek-a-boo with my curtains.
313.  Landon wasn't quite over Halloween yet. He made the mask himself!
314.  I took photos of the boys wearing their Little Lovelys hats.
315.  Landon enjoyed being pulled in a neighbor's wagon.  I guess you can never be too big.
316.  Liam found a new thing to do.  He rolled himself under the dining table.  Funny.

Nov 8, 2011

can I please get a vote for baby Liam? help!

I entered Liam's photo in a Cute Baby Contest.  If you would mind helping me, I would greatly appreciate it!   I have until November 22nd at 9pm (EST) to get votes from friends and family.  If you would like to help me, please go to the page here.  There is one person ahead of me, but I'm trying to close the gap a little...or a lot.  ;)

The rules are:
1. You have to "LIKE" her page for your vote to count.
2. You have to "LIKE" Liam's photo (turquoise shirt with the bowtie, I'm sure you'll recognize it).  No comments allowed for votes.  Click on his picture or open the album. 

Thanks in advance!

a moment of happiness

Liam is a happy camper.  He's always finding something to get into, or better yet, make his heart go pitter patter.  He plays like it's nobody's business.  He wheels himself everywhere, and I mean evvvvvvverywhere.  Liam discovered my long, flowing curtains during a drive-by.  He stopped abruptly and turned himself around.  I could hear the tires squeal like something out of a cartoon.  I love how he plays peek-a-boo with me and how big and full of life his smile is.  He is the sweetest, and I can never hear "He's the best baby.  I can't get over how good he is!" too much.  And, they're right.  He really is.  I feel so incredibly blessed to have not one but two wonderful kids in my life.

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Every time I sing to Liam, he becomes a statue.  He loves music.

Update:  Liam goes back to the Orthopedic next week for a check up, then gets his cast off sometime at the beginning of December.  He is due to get measured for his brace, then the fun begins.  He'll be in his brace (whatever that looks like) for a year or less, depending on how he does.  PT will come back into play while he has his brace on.  So, around 3.5 years, he should be good to go.  Way to go, buddy!  You're doing fantastic!

Nov 7, 2011

batter's day saturday

A long time ago Landon came up with names (or things to do) for each day.  Saturday just happened to be batter's day and seems to have stuck since then.  Every now and then we would play baseball, running around sliding into invisible bases, but something about this day was special.  He was surrounded by a group of buddies, and maybe even a little love interest.  Landon is the sweetest so it doesn't shock me at all for him to be popular with the ladies.  He's lovable, kind, fun, hilarious, cool, affectionate, intelligent, and he's great about sharing his belongings.  All of those qualities have made him "the man" in our neighborhood.  Little Madison (the little girl in the rain boots) waits patiently every day for Landon to show his face.  As soon as Landon's out the door, I hear, "Hey Landon, you want to come play with me?".  She's excited and ready to get her play on.  She is the cutest.  When she would talk to me, she would address me as "Landon's Mom".  As in, "Hey, Landon's Mom, how are you?" or "Landon's Mom, can Landon come over?".  I didn't want to correct her because it made my heart smile every time she said it.  But, I finally told her my name, so now we're good friends.  We high-five each other.  It's awesome.  The kids had a great time playing ball.  I even joined in on the fun.  I love my life.

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project 365: week 44

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303.  Landon turned eight!  His friends helped him make a wish.
304.  Photo shoot with the Rakes.  Fun!
305.  Trick-or-treating with friends.
306.  Landon was enthralled in TV.  I'm not sure what was on, but it was either scary or very intriguing going by his expression.
307.  Girls night out for a friend's birthday.  I wish I had more photos to share from the night, but I guess one margarita makes this photog a little out of sorts with camera settings.  I had a blast!
308.  Landon surprised Liam by sneaking up on him.
309.  A friend of mine is starting a business/Etsy Shop so she asked me to take pictures for her.  I never thought in a million years I would have that much fun photographing hats and tutus.

Nov 3, 2011

Simply Fall {link up}: Week 8

I realized after I clicked the "new post" button that it's Nov. 3rd, not Nov. 2nd. for the last day of the Simply Fall link up.  You can link up with me or Captivus on Friday. 

This week I decided to go with a Halloween theme that I thought would be fitting for Fall.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Landon's birthday party is in the Fall.  He was almost a Halloween baby!

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We went to the Zoo for their Halloween Party.  This picture cracked me up!

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Captivus Living 

Nov 1, 2011

Halloween Festivities {Part 3}: Trick-Or-Treating

Every year for the last few years or so my friend and I have gone out to my sister's neighborhood for the boys' Halloween.  They really make it exciting, and sometimes scary, for the kids.  There's been talk recently starting a new tradition, but I guess we'll know more next year if that's going to happen.  A little bittersweet, I suppose.  Liam was more into people-watching than anything else.  He had a great time and behaved very well.  Landon was sweet enough to take Liam's bag to collect a few treats for him since he (and I) were unable to hike up big hills and bumpy driveways and such.  He was the cutest.  He would walk (and run) up the door to tell them that one bag for his baby brother.  At first, I could tell that the people were suspicious, but then they saw little Liam waiting patiently at the end of the drive.  At that point, suspicion quickly turned into, "Oh, okay, I see him".  I guess there are a lot of greedy kids out there so I can't totally blame them.  I left his costume at home this trip.  Since he's been in the wheelchair his little arms and hands get filthy.  Having white on two days prior to the big day and getting black from dirt, I didn't think it was a good idea.  It was a dirty mess, and the gauze was a little inconvenient when it came to diaper changes.  I dressed him in an owl hat and a Halloween shirt, keeping it simple.  He didn't seem to mind at all, nor did we.  I can't express enough how much Landon loves trick-or-treating with his friends, and his brother.  We all had a wonderful time!

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Liam says, "Boo!". 

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Halloween Festivities {Part 2}: Halloween Zoo Party 2011

Aaron had to work on Monday and couldn't spend time trick-or-treating with the boys so we ventured back to the Zoo after a nice hiatus from all the chaos.  We've gone before and found ourselves fighting the crowd more than enjoying ourselves or our child (Liam wasn't born yet).  But, this year we really had no choice in order for Aaron to get that time.  I must say, it wasn't too bad and we had a wonderful time taking pictures with the staff and stopping at the candy stations.  Plus, it was Liam's first time.  He loved looking at all the fun costumes and listening to the music they had playing around the Zoo.  The weather was great, too!  It was very enjoyable and I'm so glad we did it. 

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Rock on, Yogi!

Funny story, as the crew were getting into position for the picture, Liam started wheeling himself away.  Woody had a good laugh and almost fell.  Silly Woody, and silly Liam!

Liam didn't know what to think.

And of course, what would a Zoo be without a few animals, right?

I think he had candy envy.

This picture absolutely cracked me up.  "Hey Landon, go over there and stand next to those guys."  The next thing I see is him posing just like them.  Have I mentioned that I love my kid?  I love his sense of humor.

Then, as Aaron stands behind me he says, "Look, it's Liam.".  We had a good laugh, but then Aaron took him over to pose...and he DID look like them!  Too funny!

Zoo Dance Party

If you look closely, you can see all the parents and kids literally following the yellow brick road.  Wizard mind trick.  Hysterical.


Landon really gets into the superhero thing.  See his ribs?  He's tough.

As we were leaving, Landon pretends to take flight. He's definitely a crowd-pleaser.