Oct 6, 2011

Scott Kelby WWPW 2011

My SIL and I teamed up this past weekend for Scott Kelby's World Wide Photo Walk.  I had such a great time!  Not only did I get a few hours away from the fam and spend quality time with my SIL, but I got to do what I loved.  We walked around the city for a bit taking pictures of anything and everything our little eyeballs could plant on.  I have made a pact with myself that at some point I'll do this once or twice a month on my own, or with a buddy, capturing different cities.  I loved walking around talking with locals and meeting other photogs.  They were such a fun bunch of people.  After we were finished roaming the city we met up at restaurant down by the river.  It was nice.  So nice in fact, I had a beer... and no kids.  Stop the bus.  What?!  Yes, this sister was a childless, adult beverage drinker.  Freedom, baby!  I was in hog Heaven.  If my SIL didn't have plans that night, I would have kidnapped her for a little while longer and hit the "big" city to get our dance on.  Okay, I know, I've gone a little too far.  Or have I?  I'll say it again just because is feels good rolling off my fingertips...freedom, baby!  Loved it!

[sorry family]

I haven't posted all of them, and I'm still trying to figure out which one to enter tomorrow.  Out of these, any suggestions?

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  1. WOW girl - these are spectacular - I especially love the one under the pier in BW.

  2. How fun. These are GORGEOUS!

  3. Popped over from your weekly wrap up to see all your shots - I'm glad I did. Fabulous shots - all of them!


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