Oct 25, 2011

fun with friends

Since Toby and Grace have moved in and played at our house a time or two, Landon has been hooked.  Every day after school he is asking me if he can go outside to play, hoping Toby and Grace will see him in our back yard.  He swings on the swing patiently waiting for them to notice.   He cracks me up.  I told him I didn't want him leaving the yard, nor did I want him bugging our neighbors every five minutes with, "Can [insert name here] come out and play?".  I know how annoying that can be so I teach him to leave people alone (and to stay out of their homes, if I can help it).  Maybe I'm a weird parent, I don't know.  So far, Landon's master plan has worked.  He's outside no more than ten minutes and suddenly I have a group of kiddos climbing and running everywhere. I love how quickly he makes friends and how happy he is when he's around them. 

On a side note:  I can't believe my first-born is going to be an eight-year-old this weekend!  *sniff*  I'm sad, but at the same time I am overjoyed to have him in our lives for a wonderful and very exciting eight years.  He is such a blessing!

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  1. Cute shots. Landon is so expressive.


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