Oct 14, 2011

Barnum and Bailey called

They said they want their circus monkeys back.  It is nothing short of monkeying around when it comes to my boys.  Liam was finally able to get a nap in and Landon's second day of Fall break from school.  Landon was supposed to be grounded since he left our yard without permission like any eight-year-old would do.  But, I told him he could hang out with me outside for a few minutes.  His punishment was he wasn't allowed to play with his friends.  I think hanging out with your parents is punishment enough, especially at this age.  But, he told me he had the best time.  I guess my plan backfired.  "So, I'm a cool Mom, huh?"  Landon replies, "Yep!"  Bummer.  I was secretly hoping for a different reaction since he was technically grounded.  He wasn't supposed to have fun!  We did cartwheels, some jumping, climbing, and such.  He took pictures of me attempting a cartwheel I hadn't done in ages.  Wasn't the prettiest sight to see, but Landon had fun watching...and playing photographer.  He loves the camera, whether behind it or in front of it.  It was gorgeous outside, but very windy.  Look at those puffy clouds!

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My sweater jacket was flapping in the wind.  Landon said it looked as though I was going to fly.


  1. Those are really great pictures! I have got to stop relying on my phone camera.

    And I think being a cool mom is worth a little punishment bending.

  2. What fun photos! Looks like a great day, even if he was in trouble ;)

  3. I love these so much! How fun! You are such a cool mom.


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