Sep 7, 2011

story time with the boys

Now that the drugs have worn off and pain has subsided, I can see my little toddler showing himself a little more.  He's getting antsy.  Like, I'm not sure what to do with him, antsy.  It's stressful trying to keep a child occupied for a long time when they can't move.  I'm running out of things to do.  However, night time is always fun part of the day for the boys.  They are wearing down, but find just enough energy to entertain each other, even for a few minutes before it's time to crash. 
Landon thinks it's fun to scare Liam from behind the beanbag.  Liam loves it.  Liam also loves playing hide and seek with blankets and looking at books.  Landon being the excellent reader he is reads to his baby brother as much as he can.  Landon has tons and tons of books to choose from which gives Liam a nice variety of stories to listen to.  One of Landon's all-time favorite book is Tickle Time Peter Rabbit.  Liam took to it pretty well, especially the giggle sounds that it makes.  Landon read the story and tickled his feet in the process.  They are wonderful together.

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