Sep 7, 2011

smith-jones {family photo shoot}

I had a photo shoot to start off the Labor Day weekend.  At first I wasn't sure I was going to be able to pull it off with a baby just having surgery that Monday, but everything worked out beautifully in the end.  Audrey and Dee are due to get married.  I'm sure it will be within the next year sometime.  They have a gorgeous little girl together.  Gabe was a little shy, or maybe a little leery, about having his picture taken by a stranger.  He's nine.  I know all about it.  If you were lucky enough to break through his manly exterior, you would meet a sweet little man.  I think I even heard a chuckle or two.  He would crack a smile when he thought I wasn't looking.  I'm pretty sure he didn't want to ruin his reputation by letting me see his not-so-tough-guy side.  He had to hold that reputation high, you know.  Smirks are always good, too. 
Ainsley was full of personality.  When I was in her face, she was happy and quite the princess.  She's a natural.  And, that hair!!  As we were parting ways, a light bulb went off.  I thought that Dee looked familiar, but I didn't want it to distract me or drive me insane.  I hate it when that happens.  As I was walking to my car, I stopped dead in my tracks and said, "Hey, I knew I knew you from somewhere!"  He just looked at me like I was nuts.  I said, "You're my husband's cousin."  I blurted out my husband's name and he started laughing.  It was a funny moment, knowing that we were family but just didn't know it.  I hadn't seen him in so long!  Audrey contacted me through her cousin, Amanda - an old school mate and client of mine.   I realized at that very moment that this world just keeps getting smaller.  Pretty neat how we were all connected.  Here are some of my favorites.

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  1. These are so precious. I love her red hair.

  2. It IS a small world! I haven't seen Dee in years and love the pictures you took. I see Jessica in his smile and I know she'd have instantly fallen in love with beautiful Ainsley. Congrats Dee, Audrey, and family!


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