Sep 29, 2011

liam's new cast

Some of you follow my personal page on Facebook and get all the details there, or at least some, so I'm sorry if this is something you've heard or seen before.

Yesterday, I had to take Liam to get his cast changed for the first time.  In case you are just tuning in, he is supposed to be in his Spica cast for a total of three months and braced for a year.  Then, I'm assuming he'll have to get back into PT for a bit after or during the bracing stage to regain some of the muscle lost during the time of being in a cast.Yesterday was a very long day.  Aaron was working so I was there by myself playing the waiting game.  I wasn't worried or upset, just bored to tears.  Liam was gone about two hours, getting the cast changed and a CT scan.  The next thing I see is Liam being wheeled into the room wide awake.   He wasn't upset at all.  I uncovered his little legs only to see a big green cast.  I laughed and said, "Aw, there's my little green froggy."  All the nurses laughed with me and made over how adorable he was.  The hair, cheeks and dimples are always a big hit.  They said he did wonderful and he could go home once the forms were signed.  I'm still exhausted.  He held down some food and he's been a happy camper ever since.  In two weeks we will go back to the doctor for a check up.  I'm not sure if the doctor will tell us the results of the CT scan then or if she'll call before that.  No news is good news, in my opinion.  Going by the x-rays, the doctor feels the hip is doing what it's supposed to be doing.  Now, we just wait until the next phase.

Our little green monster.  The cast was supposed to be blue, but I guess they thought green would bring out the blue in his eyes.  Ha!  Hey, as long as it wasn't pink or purple, I'm fine with it.

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  1. Awww. He is such a trooper.

  2. Awe, he IS a super cute little froggy! You are both super strong.


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