Sep 12, 2011

grandparent's day

September 11th was a sad, tragic day for our country. And, ten years later I'm still filled with emotion.  Grandparent's Day just happened to fall on 9/11 this year, which every Grandparent on the planet I'm sure had different thoughts going through their heads.  The In-Laws came over for a little visit, dropping off a few things.  We sat around and chatted about how devastating that day was and where we were at the time the news broke.  My In-Laws said they were working that morning.  I was with Aaron, sleeping over.  I was in from out-of-town.  Aaron slept with his TV on all night back then, which annoyed me to the bone.  But, that day I was glad he did.  He lived with a few roommates, all alert and awake for the news while we continued to sleep.  I sat up in the bed for a couple of minutes noticing the breaking news on TV.  I seriously thought it was some action movie.  It took me awhile to figure out what was going on.  And then I heard some loud bangs on Aaron's bedroom door.  "Get up, get up!  You're never going to believe what just happened!!"  There was panic in his roommate's voice.  I jumped out of bed, slapping Aaron on the arm trying to wake him.  "Aaron, something is going on and we have to get up!".  We flew to the living room and sat there in shock.  We couldn't believe what we were seeing.  I was still half asleep and things still weren't registering at that time.  Finally, someone yells out, "A plane flew into one of the World Trade Centers!"  At first I thought it was an overworked pilot who had fallen asleep.  Then, the unthinkable happened.  "Another sleepy pilot?', I thought. 
My next thought, 'This can't be right.  Something very bad is happening.'  The news played over and over and continued to keep us updated about what was going on.  There was silence.  Something that never existed in Aaron's house.  It was creepy.  Aaron's roommates were crying.  I was still in shock.  I ended up leaving a little later and making the most dreaded phone call of all.  All I could think about was my friend Ryan.  I called, it rang and I heard a voice coming from the other end.  I was relieved.  Ryan didn't work in the towers, but his sister lived close by.  He stayed with his younger sister often because he loved the city and helped her out with her dogs while she worked.  They are actually from NJ.  I asked him if he was okay.  At first I couldn't get him to respond.  He was hysterical and panicking along with the rest of NY, as well as the entire country.  His voice was shaky and muffled.  It sounded as if he was running.  I heard screams in the background, the most terrifying screams that still haunt me today.  He said to me, "They're all ghosts, they're ghosts.  I can't see anything.  There's blood everywhere."  He was crying and I knew I had to let him go.  I couldn't take anymore.  That is when 9/11 became real to me.  It is happening and our country took a huge hit.  As I was telling this story to my In-Laws, we all started to tear up.  I asked them if they had ever seen the movie, "Flight 93".  They responded with, "No.  I couldn't handle it."  I was telling them that in the movie they were making very heartbreaking phone calls to loved ones in hopes of getting a hold of them.  Absolutely heartbreaking.  Saying your goodbyes is the worst thing in the world.  "Mom, I just called to say I love you and goodbye.  My plane has been hijacked and I'm not coming home."  "Tell my kids I love them and hold them tight for me."  I teared up once more and the subject changed.  Very sad day to say the least.  But, Landon being Landon he brightened the day (at least ours) by making his Grandparents a book.  He always aims to please.  He such a sweet boy.

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