Sep 7, 2011

enjoying some fresh air

Before the weather hit the mid 60's we were able to get both boys out for a little while.  Aaron and Landon played tennis (or at least some version of it) and Liam and I hung out on a blanket in the grass.  The poor kid really can't do much but lay there (or sit in his chair) and take it all in.  I told Aaron that we might not want to do anything in front of him that would excite him - like play in the water.  It would be cruel, I think. 
So far, we've gone for a stroll around the block, read books, played with balloons, watched some tube, lounged, and given Liam a so-called bath.  Washing his hair is a challenge (definitely a two person job), but other than that, it's going smoothly.  I thought at some point Liam would be tugging at his cast, trying to get it off, but the only thing I've noticed is he's taken off his "diaper cover" (a size 6 diaper that covers his size 5 diaper).  We're having fun, no doubt.  I just wish my little one could do more.  I miss my wild man.

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  1. Wow, gorgeous shots of Liam. Glad you all enjoyed a day outside.


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