Sep 15, 2011

clowning around

It's no surprise that Landon comes up with goofy things and finds ways to be creative with objects around the house.  But, sometimes Landon just simply loses his marbles and goes too far.  He's one of a kind.  He's a big ball of energy, smiles and loves to have a good time making people laugh.  Crazy kid.

And then, Landon says something that makes me cock my head to the side in confusion.  I panicked a little, too.  But, any parent would in this day and age with as many judgmental people lurking out there.  We ordered pizza and when the pizza guy arrived and handed me my slip for me to sign, the guy jokes around with Landon about his toy gun.  "Ahhh, you got me!", he says.  He was a fun guy, you could tell.  Landon says to him, completely out of the blue, "My mom was going to take a vacation because she hates us."  I ignored it, the guy chuckled and the door shut.  Totally mortified I asked Landon, "Why would you say such a thing?"  His response was, "Well, I thought that's why you were wanting to take your vacation you have been talking about.  To get away from us because you hate us."  Needless to say, the pizza sat on the counter for a little while until I was done explaining to him why Mom and Dads sometimes need to get away.  I also explained to him how much I've got going on and need to break away from it all, and doesn't mean that I hate anyone.  It's not always about taking family vacations or doing family things all the time.  Truth?  Nobody really cares, including an eight year old.  What next, Landon?  I strap you to the hood of the car?  Geez.


  1. Ha ha!!! Too hilarious!!

  2. Why do you strap him to the hood of your car?


    That kid is seriously a laugh riot...I have a feeling that he'd make a great Joey.


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