Aug 26, 2011


I just love spending time with these kids.  It's sad that Monday morning surgery is quickly approaching and Liam's life will be so much different over the next 17 months.  Riding toys, tosses in the air, running down the sidewalk, and walking up and down our porch step for kicks will be a thing of the past.  At least for a little while until he overcomes this speed bump life has put in front of him.  Until then, we will have fun and take lots of pictures of our exuberant little man.

I'll post more pictures during the progress - overnight hospital stay, recovery, casting, and so on. 

Liam walking on his tippy toes.  I guess it was fun at the time.


  1. so cute. :) i love watching my girls play sweet. :) happy weekend!

  2. Will be praying. These photos are so sweet


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