Aug 10, 2011

birthday bash

My Mom shares a birthday with my cousin, Jeremy.  I also share a birthday with my Aunt (his Mom).  Strangely this wasn't planned.  Jeremy and I were born on our Aunts' 30th birthdays on top of that!  Weird, huh?  In addition to those birthdays, Landon shares a birthday with his Aunt on Aaron's side.  I didn't realize it until after Landon was born.  Crazy.  Anyway, enough about that.  Back to my Mom and cousin.

We had a double birthday party for my Mom and Jeremy at Jeremy's house on Saturday.  It was my Mama's 70th and my cousin's 40th.  Food, cake, fun...what more could you ask for, right?  My Mom is in Bunco and has been since I can remember.  It was nice seeing her Bunco girls again.  We sat around and chatted, telling stories about the past.  When I was younger, those moments bored me.  But, now that I'm older, I love it.  It's amazing how much you grow up and how time changes everything.  I see the world differently and the people in it.  I enjoy their company.  They are a fun bunch of girls and my Mom is truly lucky to have every single one of them.  In the process of catching up, I found out that one of my Mom's friend's grandsons is in therapy as well.  I found her to be comforting knowing I'm not alone.  And, it sounded to me that Liam had been cloned.  They are going through similar things (minus the hip dislocation).

I didn't take that many photos since I was pretty busy socializing, eating, and watching my two little ones like a hawk.  Their house was not kid proof in any way.  Does anyone else out there get annoyed with the fact that when people know you're coming they don't attempt to put their breakables away?  To me, it's irritating.  I caught Liam trying to snatch someone's Mt. Dew.  We all know that is definitely not a kid drink.  I can barely handle the boost when I get around to drinking it at times.  It's worse than caffeinated coffee!  Then Liam discovered the game Cornhole.  But, he thought climbing on the base was way more fun than tossing the bags, and climbing up and down the steps a gazillion times kept him (and us) pretty busy. 

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There's only two more days left to link up for Liam's 2nd birthday.


  1. What an awesome time - which reminds me, I've done a poor job with your assignment.

  2. How fun. Looks like a great time. Beautiful photos. I just remembered too. So sorry. I will try and do something today.


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