Aug 31, 2011

last day

Aaron and I had many emotions flaring the day before surgery.  We were in panic mode thinking of all the things we wouldn't be able to do after Liam came home from the hospital.  Do we take a fun road trip?  Do we go to the zoo?  Do we go the park?  Do we let him play in the water all day?  Cramming everything in one day is impossible, so we chose the park where he could run around, swing, go down the slide, and sit in the rocks.  When we pulled him out of the car and put him down, I got a little teary-eyed.  I knew this was the end of fun times for Liam, at least for awhile.  And, I also thought to myself, this kid has no idea what's about to hit him.  I was sad, but I tried to make the best of it while he was unrestricted on things he could do.  Aaron looked at me and asked, "Want to let him run in the grass?"  We chased him around, threw him in the air, and walked hand in hand with him for a bit.  I don't know what's worse, knowing or the unknown.  I tried to hold back tears, saving them for what was about to come.  We had a great day filled with tons of fun.  I'll post more a little later on the surgery, his recovery and how we're holding up.

Warning:  Major photo dump.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Aug 27, 2011

project 365: week 34

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

232.  Liam plays with his water table for the first time since his birthday.
233.  Landon models his hat he received from one of Aaron's customers.
234.  I got new shades, finally.
235.  I woke up to one of many of Landon's crafts - a paper hat.
236.  Liam listened to tunes on my cell phone.
237.  Since Aaron had to work on our anniversary, we squeezed in some cuddle time before he headed off.
238.  Landon played gymnast in our back yard.

Aug 26, 2011


I just love spending time with these kids.  It's sad that Monday morning surgery is quickly approaching and Liam's life will be so much different over the next 17 months.  Riding toys, tosses in the air, running down the sidewalk, and walking up and down our porch step for kicks will be a thing of the past.  At least for a little while until he overcomes this speed bump life has put in front of him.  Until then, we will have fun and take lots of pictures of our exuberant little man.

I'll post more pictures during the progress - overnight hospital stay, recovery, casting, and so on. 

Liam walking on his tippy toes.  I guess it was fun at the time.


I don't know how Landon does it, but he bends in ways I can't even begin to imagine bending.  He's a very limber little boy, and super skinny to boot - just like me when I was his age.  Looking at these pictures made me want to feed him tons of junk food.  Poor kid.  But I guess with his high metabolism, he burns fat quickly.  He's a healthy eater, that's for sure - just like his Daddy.  He's a good mix of both of us.  The first shot looks extremely painful as he attempts a funny looking somersault, but I can assure you that no harm was done in the process of snapping these photos.  He just laughs at himself and moves on.  Hopefully his run of luck continues and we don't end up in the emergency room.  *knock on wood*

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fly for a white guy

It was a little chilly in our house so I sat in the grass in our backyard thawing out for a bit.  Landon comes out behind me, gives me a hug, tells me he loves me and heads for the swings.  He asked, "Mom, will you take pictures of me flying off the swings?"  I was a little nervous to say yes since every kid I've known has had some sort of accident attempting these bone-breaking, ankle-twisting stunts.  The first attempt made my heart race.  Then the most feared happened.  I about had a heart attack when he practically landed face first.  He wasn't moving.  I dropped my camera and I ran to him yelling his name in hopes he wasn't knocked out, or worse.  He responded, and when he pealed himself off the grass, he was laughing at me.  "Mom, I'm fine."  When we played the picture back on my camera, he absolutely died  from laughter - rolling all over the backyard, clinching his stomach from the pains of non-stop giggling.  "That was so cool!", he said.  Naturally, he wanted to swing and jump again.  Silly kid.  I told him not to swing as high and pay attention to what he was doing.  The third time was a charm - like a perfect dismount in gymnastics, charm.  I told Landon I couldn't take much more excitement and it was probably a good idea to head back inside while we were ahead.  He reviewed the pictures with me on the computer and laughed out loud once again.  It was hysterical, I'll admit.  I was able to laugh (and breathe) once it was all over.  The joys of boys, right?  *exhaling*

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No scratches, bruises, broken bones, or sprained ankles.  Success!  And, a little milk on the face never hurt.  Oh yeah, Landon lost his other front tooth the night of Liam's party.  My little toothless toad is growing up!

Aug 25, 2011


First and foremost, today is our anniversary.  What will we do today?  Absolutely nothing.  Aaron has to work and I will continue on with my motherly/wifely duties as planned.  This anniversary is a little stressful and chaotic - pretty much like any other anniversary really.  Something always happens.  Aaron has to ask off for a couple of days for Liam's surgery at the beginning of the week.  The In-Laws will be helping out with Landon, getting him to and from school because Liam will be in the hospital overnight (23 hours after surgery).  So, needless to say, priorities.  If we get some time to enjoy each other this weekend, I'll be shocked with everything else going on.  Aaron and I hardly ever get to do much of anything these days, so let's keep our fingers crossed, shall we?  Since Aaron and I won't be spending the day together, we made sure we had at least a few minutes cuddle time.  Aaron also woke up early to take care of the baby, moved laundry along, and made a pot of coffee.  It's the little things that I appreciate so much.  I love him.  To get something digitally documented for our anniversary, I had to break out the beast while we cuddled.  This was before Aaron dozed off for a few more minutes and had to get up for work and I had to get Landon off to school.  Not the best angle, but something.

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The other day Liam escaped.  I didn't think he knew how to work the door knob, but I guess he did.  Either that, or the door was already cracked just enough for him to pull it open.  I'm hoping for the latter.  He trotted outside with his toy in hand like it was no big deal.  And, without any fearful bone in his body.  I joined him by sitting on the walkway watching his every move.  He went up and down the steps without holding on to anything (mainly my finger), knocked on the door (I guess he was hoping to sell his toy), and ran up and down the walk.  I figured I would let him do what he wanted over these next few days, because after the surgery, I'm sure he won't be moving much or at least feeling like it.