Jul 25, 2011


Landon has had his race track for quite some time now.  It's so old the track is practically falling apart.  It doesn't stop him, though.  He set up his race track out in the driveway for some extra space.  I think the best part for him was me betting before we started the race.  "Which car do you think will win, Mom?"  He would get so excited when my car would win, and sometimes when I would lose.  He dumped all the cars out of his box and tested their speed one by one.  We found that only certain cars were faster.  Then, to be funny, he would pick a car for me that didn't have any wheels.  He laughed so hard when I found out what he was doing.  "Okay, okay.  Just kidding, Mom.  We'll have another race.  Only this time I'll pick a fast car for you....with wheels."  He's such a fun kid and I love his sense of humor.

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This was the fastest car of the bunch.  I'll keep that in mind next time.  *wink*

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