Jul 11, 2011

my fair lads: weekend, part 1

This weekend was nothing short of fun for the family.  And chaotic.  And scary.  And scorching.  But, it was nice to get out of the house without the feeling of being stuck in it on the weekends.  Well, that's a different post for a different day.  Ha!  But, for now, I have pictures to share of my boys at the local fair.  Next year, Liam should be old enough to ride a few little rides alone, but my big boy Landon is testing my nerves by wanting to ride all the big ones.  When he rode the Ferris Wheel by himself  for the first time it about put me in panic mode.  It doesn't have seat belts, harnesses, or anything to hold him in.  I thought all he has to do is stand up or lean over the side and I've got myself a real-life Mighty Joe Young movie.  But, without Mighty Joe.  Who would save him if he found himself hanging helplessly from the metal beams?  Supermom?  My Spidey skills would have kicked in, for sure.  Yeah, that was my brain working overtime the entire ride.  And then he ventured off to other bigger rides.  I didn't know whether to root him on or cry.  He was a dare devil like me at that age.  I guess this year or the next, if he's tall enough, he will be riding big roller coasters with his parents.  Loves them!  My first roller coaster was the Vortex at Kings Island.  Talk about breaking someone in.  Good grief.  I think I was a little older than Landon when I rode this. The first drop is terrifying, and at the time, it was the tallest, fastest roller coaster in the world. I've included a still picture of the Vortex.  It's a biggin'.

Yep, this puppy was the start of something fantastic for me.

And now on to the fair...

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"Mom, I've been on this ride threeeee times already!"

Landon scoping out his next ride.  He's always one step ahead.

Liam in awe of everything around him.

When everything and everyone disappear into the darkness, the magic begins.

And, of course, more rides.

Landon didn't have any fun, you can totally tell.


  1. I love these. How fun. Great photos.

  2. I LOVE these pictures!!! I love how they capture Landon's expressions and excitement. I want to be there!


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