Jul 21, 2011

little office of horrors?

Poor Liam didn't take to the Dentist and his staff very well.  Big, belted cries a plenty.  I think Liam made the kid in the next room nervous.  It started with all of us walking into the room.  Liam looked around trying to figure out what all the stuff was.  Definitely something he had never seen before.  I picked him up out of his stroller when the DA told me to hold him while she collected her things to prepared for the cleaning.  She summoned me to lay him down and then all hell broke loose.  I had to hold him down like he was a uncooperative mental patient getting a dose of medication to calm him down.  It was weird.  All I wanted to do was hold him, but I had to comply to make it easier for everyone involved.  And then the DA said I could take pictures once the Dentist came in.  She told me she would hold him down while he worked.  I felt so bad for Liam, but being the snappy Mama that I am, I had a snap a couple of pictures to put in the memory books.  This definitely qualified for a funny memory for Liam to look back on, even though he won't remember a lick of it.  Plus, it helped get my mind off the crying for a minute.  So sad.

In other news, it looks like Liam will have to have braces later in life.  When he was a lot younger, his teeth were spaced in the front, which was a good thing.  But, since he's gotten older his teeth have mysteriously moved around to the point of crowding.  His canines are due to come in at any time, the Dentist said.  Oh joy.  Bring on the ear infections, fevers, and crankiness.  Maybe we'll get lucky...again.   Liam has done very well with teething.  We only had one stage of teething that made him a little cranky (no fever), but nothing compared to the horror stories I've heard.  Landon was also a breeze.  We'll have to see how it goes as he grows.

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  1. Oh gosh, we haven't taken Charlie to the dentist yet, I imagine it will look something like that...

  2. Yeah, this was me last week...I survived too. I'm glad your son did as well.


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