Jul 1, 2011

dylan turns seven

My best friend's little boy, Dylan, is fairly close in age to our youngster.  They are two peas in a pod when they're together.  Only now that Dylan is getting older, I've noticed that his personality and interests are changing.  Dylan loves to play, but he's more on the quiet reserved side.  He'd much rather chill.  Landon?  He doesn't stop to breathe, even for a second when there are other kids around.  During his party, Dylan missed all the games because he was busy watching TV in the living room.  We didn't notice at first with all the fun happenings going on until after the first game was played.  We even had to round him up for opening his presents!  I think I like him...a lot.  He's so quiet, you forget he's around.  SO what I'm not used to.  Not a good day to forget, though.  Poor Dylan.  It was fun...and maybe a little hot.  Oh yeah, I even got to hold our other friend's four-month-old baby girl, Kira, for the first time.  She was so squeezable.  Loved it!  Liam hung in there.  He found things to scope out while the other kids played games, ran around, and so on.  Now I know why I don't take my kids with me on photo shoots.  Yep, I totally get it now.  I was busier than a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest.  Watching Liam and taking photos for my friend absolutely wore me out!  Still fun, though.  And, our friends thankfully pitched in.  I was just happy I could attend and capture some moments for her so she could enjoy his special day.

Hot Potato, water balloon style.

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Pin the tank on the target? Not sure what this was.


  1. your new header is so pretty, ANdie!

  2. Cute photos. I love the new look. Adorable! :)


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