Jul 30, 2011

project 365: week 30

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204.  The family went swimming.
205.  Landon and I raced cars.
206.  I lit my Scentsy warmer at night.  The smell was relaxing.
207.  I caught Liam laughing at himself.  Goofy kid.
208.  Liam wanted to go for round two.  I don't think he was finished bathing.
208.  I finally took a good picture of myself...I think.
209.  Liam played with bowls full of beans.  What a mess!

Jul 28, 2011

mischief is his middle name

I know not many posts ago I mentioned something about Liam not acting out in typical toddler fashion, but boy was I wrong. He's all toddler, baby! How many times do we tell toddlers no in a given day?  A lot.  I gave Liam a quick bath and apparently he wasn't prepared for my get in get out plan. He showed me his wrath but quickly recovered. After drying him off and doing our routine stuff, I let him roam the house a bit. Well, I left the bathroom door open and water in the tub. Liam found said water and...

1. He stood at the tub contemplating his next move.

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2. Contemplation turns into Mommy-watching. Total test mode.

3. Then Liam thought he would go in for round two, followed by a "No no, Liam."  I guess he didn't feel clean enough.

4. The leg comes down, but somehow works his little hand down in the water for a good splash or two. Another "No no, Liam." comes into play.  I was totally digging the peeking cheek, by the way.

5. He gives up and moves on to the bathroom's disaster area. Notice the look? Yep. Test mode strikes again.  The next thing I hear is the rumbling of the toilet paper coming off the roll. Yet another..."Noooo, Liam!" You can even see Landon's hand as he moves in to catch him before we are up to our eyeballs in it. Good times.

Jul 27, 2011

little boy wonder

The summertime has brought so many fun moments for my kiddos.  I think some of my posts in the past have proven that over and over.  They always find something to do with their time.  When they are indoors it usually involves making forts, watching TV, building towers, making pretend costumes, listening and dancing to music, doing crafts, or playing hide and seek and so on.  When they are outdoors it's about playing with weeds, cars and sand, ant bullying, catching or examining bugs, posing for pictures, having fun with chalk and bubbles, playing tag, making music videos, people and car watching, painting, swinging, riding toys and licking suckers, racing cars, reinventing hopscotch, sporting cool shades, and maybe occasionally swimming in the street.  Both locations have so much to offer for my little guys, but I think the outdoors takes the cake on most exciting.

Liam is getting older.  It's obvious things are changing in his world.  It's hard for me to imagine that he has any kind of issues, especially a dislocated hip with the way he gets around.  It doesn't bother him and he's happy.  He laughs at the silliest things, mainly at himself.  He's not even two and he already sees the humor in life.  He's simple.  He is very well behaved.  Sometimes quiet and in his own world.  He loves the security and love he feels within his family.  I love how he takes my finger to go for a walk (a new favorite).  Oh, and I can't forget to mentioned that he's super cuddly and very affectionate.  Melting hearts as he goes.  He can't talk to us yet, but his body language is always a dead giveaway as to what is going on in that little head of his.  Speaking of which, I love how the sun reflects off of his sandy blonde locks, making his hair a gold color.  So pretty.  Liam is our perfect little boy wonder.

Here is a little glimpse into Liam's world:

 Exploring the lawn...

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 Picking weeds...

People watching...

Finding big brother's crazy antics to be hysterical...

Going for short walks...

Kicking his feet in different directions...

Enjoying our neighbor's car music as they pass by...

 Laughing at himself...

Showing off his yoga skills.  Liam likes being a trend setter for his peers...

And of course, playing with half dead, sun-beaten plants...


I can't wait for Liam's 2nd birthday, y'all! He's getting so big! August 12th can't get here fast enough...well, August 13th to be more specific. His party is on the 13th. So excited!

Jul 25, 2011

i heart faces: water

I have a ton of water shots to share from this summer, but I love how the water droplets are dripping from Landon's skin after a dip in the pool.  I just adore this shot of him - so serious and completely candid.


Landon has had his race track for quite some time now.  It's so old the track is practically falling apart.  It doesn't stop him, though.  He set up his race track out in the driveway for some extra space.  I think the best part for him was me betting before we started the race.  "Which car do you think will win, Mom?"  He would get so excited when my car would win, and sometimes when I would lose.  He dumped all the cars out of his box and tested their speed one by one.  We found that only certain cars were faster.  Then, to be funny, he would pick a car for me that didn't have any wheels.  He laughed so hard when I found out what he was doing.  "Okay, okay.  Just kidding, Mom.  We'll have another race.  Only this time I'll pick a fast car for you....with wheels."  He's such a fun kid and I love his sense of humor.

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This was the fastest car of the bunch.  I'll keep that in mind next time.  *wink*

Jul 24, 2011

weeeeeeee're back

Aaron texts me the other day while he was working and asked, "Hey, you want to go back to the pool?  It's hot!".  Aaron has to be outside for what he does.  Naturally, I wasn't going to argue because I knew Landon and Liam would love it and the water sounded relaxing to the two of us.  The pool water is like bath water.  It's not too cold and definitely not too heated from the sun.  Perfect.  We spent most of our time buried in water, teaching Landon how to swim (not too bad, I must say) and letting Liam splash us.  I would go under the water and pop up suddenly only to reach the surface to hear my little elf giggle I love so much.  Both of our boys had a blast, and Aaron and I managed to make a couple of trips down the slides!  Of course, with it being hot and spending a lot of time in the water, we were all pooped after a few hours and ready to go.  I didn't spend too much time taking pictures this time.  But, I was able to take a few.  Aaron even took a couple of me y'all!  I'm shocked.

Oh, and apparently Aaron hurt himself when he went down the yellow slide.  When he came to the end, he must have slammed his heel into the pool floor and bruised it.  He's having difficulty walking on it right now.  Hopefully, it will feel better come Monday.  And hopefully, it's nothing severe.  Poor guy.

Liam trying to escape from Dad's legs.  For having a dislocated hip, this kid amazes us with his ability to move around.  The nickname Herculiam has a whole new meaning now.

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Landon waiting for the bucket to tip over.  They didn't have this last time we were there.


Aaron chillaxin'.

And of course, me.  All natural, baby!

Jul 23, 2011

project 365: week 29

197.  Liam eats and relaxes at the same time.
198.  Landon had fun pretending to be a hamster.
199.  Landon showed me his cool moves.
200.  I took Liam's 23 month photo.
201.  I played with my remote.
202.  Liam goes to the dentist for the first time.
203.  Landon pretends to run a day care.

Jul 21, 2011

little office of horrors?

Poor Liam didn't take to the Dentist and his staff very well.  Big, belted cries a plenty.  I think Liam made the kid in the next room nervous.  It started with all of us walking into the room.  Liam looked around trying to figure out what all the stuff was.  Definitely something he had never seen before.  I picked him up out of his stroller when the DA told me to hold him while she collected her things to prepared for the cleaning.  She summoned me to lay him down and then all hell broke loose.  I had to hold him down like he was a uncooperative mental patient getting a dose of medication to calm him down.  It was weird.  All I wanted to do was hold him, but I had to comply to make it easier for everyone involved.  And then the DA said I could take pictures once the Dentist came in.  She told me she would hold him down while he worked.  I felt so bad for Liam, but being the snappy Mama that I am, I had a snap a couple of pictures to put in the memory books.  This definitely qualified for a funny memory for Liam to look back on, even though he won't remember a lick of it.  Plus, it helped get my mind off the crying for a minute.  So sad.

In other news, it looks like Liam will have to have braces later in life.  When he was a lot younger, his teeth were spaced in the front, which was a good thing.  But, since he's gotten older his teeth have mysteriously moved around to the point of crowding.  His canines are due to come in at any time, the Dentist said.  Oh joy.  Bring on the ear infections, fevers, and crankiness.  Maybe we'll get lucky...again.   Liam has done very well with teething.  We only had one stage of teething that made him a little cranky (no fever), but nothing compared to the horror stories I've heard.  Landon was also a breeze.  We'll have to see how it goes as he grows.

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Jul 19, 2011

liam turns 23 months!

He turned 23 months old on the 12th, but being the scatter-brained Mom I have been lately, I forgot to post.  Bad Mommy.  So, here he is...big gummy smile and all.  He's such a happy kid.

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liam update

Well, after months and months of trying to figure out why Liam was delayed physically (sitting, crawling, pulling up, and walking), we finally find out why - almost two years later.  Poor kid.  We went to the Orthopedic Surgeon yesterday.  They did two x-rays to find that Liam has a dislocated hip!  Good grief.  Liam has always had this funny walk since he started toddling around.  But, my main concern was he looked knock kneed.  I knew that this could cause hip/joint problems later, but I wasn't expecting a dislocated hip.  There it was on the big screen staring me back in the face.  By the look of the x-ray, it looked painful, but I guess since he's had it since birth, he had no other choice but to adjust to it like anything else.  I told everyone, hoping they'd notice too, that he seems to have a limp and one leg seems a tiny bit shorter than the other (a half an inch, come to find out).  Everyone told me that he's little and he should probably grow out of it.  Knock kneed, yes.  But, a dislocated hip, no.  It would have been difficult for them to detect any specifics without an x-ray anyway, so I can't blame anyone.  I guess I wasn't crazy after all.  Most people were thinking since he was in therapies every week, and since I had been that "take charge" kind of mom, they thought everything must be fine with him and there's no need to worry.  No, I was just working with a doctor who obviously didn't do their job at checking him out physically when he was a newborn.  I am very angry.  But, it's in the past and it's time to move on to yet another doctor appointment with the Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon to either put a brace or a cast on him.  Surgery is the very last option.  I'm going to avoid that altogether if possible, as I'm sure they will too.  Please say a little prayer for our little guy.  It's been exhausting and stressful, not to mention emotional.  The bright side?  At least we're knocking out issues one at a time.  We found out he doesn't have hearing loss, but he has a dislocated hip.  Now, we just fix the problem and move on to the next thing.  I feel so bad for my little dude.  I've never been a quitter.  I'm still fighting...

Jul 18, 2011

hamster time

This thing is the coolest idea ever.  I was trying to think of something fun, but different, for Landon to do.  Doing the same things over and over can become dull for my growing boy.  School will be starting again soon and I don't want the kid to go back and have nothing exciting to talk about.  So, I remembered this thing a friend had mentioned at a birthday party called "Splash Water Ball".  I wasn't sure if it was a weekend thing, a one month event, or a permanent to-do for kids, but we took a chance to see if we could find it.  We did!  I didn't get the details during our visit, but it looks like it may be moving on to other parts of the country.  At any rate, it was very cool and something I wished I could do as I was watching him run, fall and splash all over the place.  And, it reminded me of a hamster wheel.  Too funny!  Can you imagine having this in your back yard?  I would never get anything accomplished.  Never.

Oh, please excuse the loud background noise of the video.  They have to use an air blower to fill the balls up.  A little annoying when you're trying to tape.  Also, don't forget to turn the music off at the bottom.  First, I'll share some stills.

Landon covered his ears while the guy filled his ball up with air. 

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One of the guys played with him a little bit, trying to get him to run.

And finally, he did.  Hysterical.

We moved on to the play area before we left.

Needless to say, we had a very eventful day.  Now, on to the video...

Jul 17, 2011

bonding moments

I love having boys.  They're fun, imaginative, sporty, easy to raise, tough, dirty, noisy, wild and crazy, daring, and they idolize their Dad.  Aaron always dreamed of being a Dad, and having two boys just added to that dream.  He loves to throw footballs, play basketball, ride bikes, sing together, play instruments, play video games/board games/card games, teach them how to mow or anything manly around the house, remind them how to be hard-working, respectful, responsible, loving men.  The list goes on and on.  They bond.  They have things to share and talk about.  They can relate to each other.  When a Dad tells a story to his son, it usually starts with, "When I was a young boy like you....".  They listen closely and remember every little detail.  Boys want to grow up to be just like their Dads.  It's amazing, and I wouldn't want it any other way.  As for me?  I take care of the rest and enjoy the ride.

Why go plastic when you can play with the real thing, right?  We've been meaning to get a play mower for Liam since his 1st birthday, but we decided to wait until his 2nd.  Hopefully he'll love it just as much.  Not as cool or as big, but hey.

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Aaron went shopping yesterday and came home with a "surprise" for Landon.  Landon couldn't wait to see it, but I think Aaron sometimes forgets that Landon is getting older and surprises should be a little bigger and more exciting.  Aaron showed him his surprise and Landon's reaction was just as I suspected it would be.  "That's it?"  Poor Dad.  At first Landon didn't realize what it was for and how much fun he would have bonding with his Dad while airing up his basketballs (and football).  He was happy.

Liam watching Daddy mow the yard.  He was fascinated.  You could tell he was taking it all in as he stopped dead in his tracks and stood very still.

And then I glance over and noticed that something mysterious skipping out of the garage.  A Globetrotter?  A patriotic Richard Simmons?  Oh wait.  That's my crazy kid!

Time to put the freshly-aired ball to good use.

Landon has been a big help to Aaron when it comes to mowing the yard.  He's a very helpful little boy and works hard to please others.  While Aaron was finishing up the front and side yards Landon was raking the excess grass so it didn't burn up in the heat.  I saw him walk around the side of the house with his little garbage bag in hand, sweating like crazy ready to get down to business.  He's so cute.

It almost didn't seem fair at the time with Landon working so hard just several feet away, but Liam was getting tired (and hot) so I thought a nice swing would probably do the trick of cooling as well as putting him to sleep.  Cooling, yes.  Sleeping, no chance.  He was having too much fun to sleep.