Jun 21, 2011

the smith wedding

I want to say this crowd was a fun bunch, but I guess I have to because it was my family, too!  My Niece finally tied the knot after fumbling with bad seed after bad seed in her life.  We didn't think Amy was ever getting married, poor thing.  And, then the unthinkable happened.  She met someone.  A certain someone who accepted her for who she was and loved her unconditionally - the way we do.  The guy she married is super nice and treats her the way every girl should be treated.  Great guy + a great girl = a great wedding.  I had a blast, but I always do at any of our events.  We're loud and we're proud.  Knowing that I took photographs for a living and because we grew up together, Amy didn't want it any other way.  So, the big question was thrown my way just a few short months ago..."Will you photograph my wedding?"  My response?  "Well, duh!".  My other Niece got ordained to marry her own Sister.  It was definitely a family event.  The Mother of the groom video taped, I photographed, my Niece stepped in as the Officiant, my Sister (her Mother) catered, and her new Sister-In-Law made the cupcake cake.  I'd say she was pretty set for her big day!  I was so happy for her, and she looked breathtaking.

Just minutes after the nuptials, someone brought out a big basket of bird seed.  All I'm going to say is there were some people who missed their calling as baseball pitchers.  Ouch!

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May they live many healthy, happy years together!


  1. Very nice! Wow! What a family event! That's awesome!

    My brother's wedding was kinda the same way. My sister did all the make up for the bridal party, my sister's step-daughter did all the hair and I did all the flower arrangements! It was so fun!


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