Jun 22, 2011

father's day

Ahh, where to begin...

Well, I'll at least start with, Happy >belated< Father's Day, Aaron! 

Aaron is a good sport when it comes to taking his picture.  He knows it makes me happy, and what a sweet man to think of me!  He's amazing.  He works hard, and of course, plays hard.  He loves his boys.  Every moment he can spend with them, he's there.  He helps around the house, he does the yard work without one complaint, he's a terrific handyman and cook, and most importantly he loves all of us.  We are very lucky.  He's one of those Dads who changes diapers, makes last-minute trips to the grocery store with the kids, and feeds them or holds them without giving me the side-eye or any fuss.  He's wonderful and truly dedicated to his family.  He deserves this day more any guy I know.  You're the best, babe!  And, I think our kids will agree.

A little Father's Day fun...

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  1. Such a great dad!!! Fun captures :)

  2. Hello Andie!

    I am a new follower of yours, I saw your comments on another's blog I follow and checked out your blog and so far, love what I see!

    Your husband sounds like an amazing dad! So happy for you! And I love the pics!

    If you have time and also if you'd like to follow, please check out my blog at http://doveofsnow.blogspot.com I am rather new to blogging but I love it and like to think I'm making some good contributions for those who want to read it! I love writing and reading and living life!

    Have a great day! -- Rachel

  3. Happy belated father's day to your husband! I love the pictures - they're so fun!

  4. He he! Love these photos.


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