Jun 28, 2011


The title of this post couldn't be more accurate.  This post is full of dirt and nastiness.  Someone said bye-bye and Liam quickly trotted to the door, as usual.  I feel this is going to be an every day occurrence...really.  There's no stopping him.  I opened the door and off he went.  Then Landon said, "Wait, let me get some play clothes on and I'll join ya."  Liam and I strolled down the walk, thinking it was going to be simple, and BAM, he spotted water - the pool of water that accumulates at the end of our drive after a big rain.  This kid loves water.  Giving him a bath nowadays is like a Gallagher show, but without the food.  He's standing up in the tub and becoming quite fearless.  My, how a few months can change things.  Liam took off running.  It was on like Donkey Kong.  I had to pull him back a few times, trying to get him to walk in the opposite direction.  Wasn't having it.  It was like a magnetic force was pulling him in.  Finally, I caved and said what the hell.  At this point, Aaron stopped in for a quick lunch.  He walks outside and shakes his head.  My thoughts?  Yes dear, I'm still trying to entertain our kids while teaching them street safety.  It's always about safety.  Doesn't letting your kids play in the street count?  Anyway, he wanders back inside to finish eating as we continued to play.  Liam was a disaster.  Everyone mowed their grass the day before, including us, so the water wasn't as "clean" this time.  There was dirt and grass blades floating around.  Big mess!  When I tried to take Liam back inside, I experienced his first big meltdown.  Yes, he loves water that much.  He quickly recovered when he heard the word "bath" come rolling off my tongue.  He waited patiently for the tub to fill up while I took his disgusting clothes off and tossed them in the laundry.  He was all smiles and couldn't wait to get his little limbs in the water again.  Then, the aforementioned happened.  Let the show begin.  I grabbed a trash bag to cover myself and we were all happy again.

Best. Picture. Ever.  This is what happens when Liam gets too excited.  He loses control.

Hungry, Liam?

Pondering.  Not sure what about.

Yep, definitely gets the "Grossest Kid" award.

Jun 25, 2011

project 365: week 25

Welcome to my 25th week of the year...

Jun 24, 2011

higgs {family photo shoot}

This little family is precious.  Shannon, the Mom, is very petite.  In fact, I don't know how she birthed two babies.  She's the size of a jelly bean.  A very cute jelly bean, I might add.  And, her hair was bigger than she was!  A jelly bean with a monster-sized wig?  Interesting.  I guess I didn't think that through too well, and probably not the best comparison.  Anyway.  Shannon is, by far, the sweetest person on the planet.  So full of life and finds the positive in everything, and a great conversationalist to boot.  I loved her.  All I wanted to do was hug and swing her in my arms while I yodeled along to "The Lonely Goatherd" the entire photo shoot.  Did you get the visual?  Quite funny, actually.  It was an amazing time.

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Jun 22, 2011

father's day

Ahh, where to begin...

Well, I'll at least start with, Happy >belated< Father's Day, Aaron! 

Aaron is a good sport when it comes to taking his picture.  He knows it makes me happy, and what a sweet man to think of me!  He's amazing.  He works hard, and of course, plays hard.  He loves his boys.  Every moment he can spend with them, he's there.  He helps around the house, he does the yard work without one complaint, he's a terrific handyman and cook, and most importantly he loves all of us.  We are very lucky.  He's one of those Dads who changes diapers, makes last-minute trips to the grocery store with the kids, and feeds them or holds them without giving me the side-eye or any fuss.  He's wonderful and truly dedicated to his family.  He deserves this day more any guy I know.  You're the best, babe!  And, I think our kids will agree.

A little Father's Day fun...

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Jun 21, 2011

the smith wedding

I want to say this crowd was a fun bunch, but I guess I have to because it was my family, too!  My Niece finally tied the knot after fumbling with bad seed after bad seed in her life.  We didn't think Amy was ever getting married, poor thing.  And, then the unthinkable happened.  She met someone.  A certain someone who accepted her for who she was and loved her unconditionally - the way we do.  The guy she married is super nice and treats her the way every girl should be treated.  Great guy + a great girl = a great wedding.  I had a blast, but I always do at any of our events.  We're loud and we're proud.  Knowing that I took photographs for a living and because we grew up together, Amy didn't want it any other way.  So, the big question was thrown my way just a few short months ago..."Will you photograph my wedding?"  My response?  "Well, duh!".  My other Niece got ordained to marry her own Sister.  It was definitely a family event.  The Mother of the groom video taped, I photographed, my Niece stepped in as the Officiant, my Sister (her Mother) catered, and her new Sister-In-Law made the cupcake cake.  I'd say she was pretty set for her big day!  I was so happy for her, and she looked breathtaking.

Just minutes after the nuptials, someone brought out a big basket of bird seed.  All I'm going to say is there were some people who missed their calling as baseball pitchers.  Ouch!

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May they live many healthy, happy years together!

project 365: week 24

Welcome to my 24th week of the year...

Jun 12, 2011

liam turns 22 months today!

Before I get busy and forget, I wanted to post this. I had a photo shoot today and sometimes preparation for shoots and every day happenings with the kids gets me behind.

Jun 11, 2011

ant bully and velcro king

Liam is learning very quickly these days that 'bye-bye' means opening a door and stepping out.  He gets excited.  He stands next to the door and waits patiently for it to open when someone says the words.  And, if I'm lucky, he'll even try to open the door for me.  He's definitely my kid...loves the outdoors.  Well, 'bye-bye' time came and a door swung open.

project 365: week 23

Welcome to my 23rd week of the year...

Jun 9, 2011


We had to air the boys' sandbox from all the rain we had, and sure enough, Landon finds that it's uncovered and calling his name.  I step out back to notice him smack dead in the middle of it.  Thankfully, it was mostly dried out, but still!  I knew from that moment that it was going to be a pretty messy bath.  Ever try to wash off a sand- covered kid in the bathtub?  Gross.  It takes about 10-15 minutes just to rinse the sand off before you can finally plug up the tub for the actual bath.  But, I'm happy the boys have a nice variety of outdoor stuff to do and it keeps them happy, so I can't complain too much.

Jun 5, 2011

Jones (family photo shoot}

Well, here's a new one for the portfolio...twins!  Aren't they cute and cuddly?  I've never had the pleasure of photographing twins until yesterday.  And, who doesn't love smothering two babies at once?  As if one wasn't squeeze-worthy enough.  Double the fun, double the work, which of course meant double the breaks. 

Jun 3, 2011

project 365: week 22

Welcome to my 22nd week of the year...

Jun 1, 2011

Rakes {family photo shoot}

First and foremost, I fell in love with this little angel.  She was so soft and cuddly, and probably the best nine-month-old baby in the world.  The Mom and I went to high school together many moons ago, so it was great catching up and spending some time together.  We killed some time taking photos of little Miss Avery Josephine while we waited for Dad to join. 

Cook {family photo shoot}

With the weather being consistently nasty for awhile, we finally found ourselves sweating in 90 degree weather.  I suppose we are never satisfied.  If it's too dry, we wish for rain.  If it's too rainy, we wish for dry days.  If it's cold, we wish for warm/hot weather, etc.  Am I right, or am I right?  So anyway, I found myself getting bombarded with photo shoots once the weather got better and Mother Nature decided to play nice for a change.