May 19, 2011

warm day, cool dude

It was sunny today, and by sunny, I mean blinding.  I usually don't wear sunglasses when I know I will be snapping pictures, but today I was half tempted.  Wow.  I grabbed Liam's little sunglasses (a.k.a. Landon's old toddler sunglasses) because I didn't want him scowling in every photo.  Well, they didn't stay on long.  If he could talk he would have said, "Mom, it's a toddler thing, you wouldn't understand.", as he gave me the eye and a little smile.  He's a stinker.  Sunglasses distract me and becoming annoying at times, so I can't blame the kid.  When he did wear them, he wore them proudly and very big boy like...on his head.

What's a day without a little destruction, or perhaps testing Mom's tolerance level?

He definitely meets the cool dude criteria.


  1. I can't seem to see the pictures. :(

  2. Scratch that....I can see them now. SUch a cutie!

  3. Ah, I can hardly handle the cuteness!!! And man does the stepping on your phone remind me of my own trouble maker... he's always pushing the limits :)


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