May 28, 2011


Once again, Grandma delivers and brings over tons of chalk for the kids to play with.  I love the look and feel of brand new chalk.  Am I weird?  Hate the mess, though.  We not only have one bucket, but two big buckets full.  I think we're good for awhile.  We had already dipped into the bucket, but I thought of trying something new. 

Landon has never played hopscotch.  He liked it, but I think it was more fun for him drawing than hopping.  In the beginning, Landon was playing the game backwards.   Funny.  It's a simple game, and a game I used to play with my neighborhood friends growing up.  It was interesting playing a game I hadn't played for about 25 years, but I learned very quickly that age changes a lot of things.  Suddenly, hopscotch wasn't all that fun.  And they say that age is just a number...well, I think it does make a difference, to some degree.  Seriously....not fun.  I think I need to up the stakes and make it a bit more challenging, but until that time comes, I just took pictures of Landon.  What's funny is I found Landon getting bored himself.  He's seven!  That's not supposed to happen!  Next time I'll have more kids join in, throw the rock from a greater distance, or maybe just make the number board quite a bit bigger.  Take that, Landon!  Truthfully, I think having more kids join in will probably do the trick, making the game a tad bit more exciting.

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