May 23, 2011

belle and camila bethany {photo shoot}

I had to share this photo shoot with ya.  I couldn't resist.  I love all of my photo shoots, I really do, but this one was a little special to me since I had taken Belle's two year pictures last year, and this time I had the privilege of capturing her sweet baby sister (my first newbie shoot). 

Most of the work I do are families and older kids.  I was excited and these little girls were absolute doll babies.  So full of life.  And, I loved that baby Camila was wide awake and lively for most of her shoot!  She was an angel.

Warning:  Picture overload.  I couldn't decide which ones to post so I posted a bunch.

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  1. oh my dear...what sweet photos! my fave is the b&w one! nice job! ;)

  2. Oh my!!! I love these! Can you come take photos for me????

  3. Wow those photos are amazing. I love them all!!


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