May 23, 2011

alana proctor {photo shoot}

Meet Alana.  Alana is a very inquisitive, talkative, bright, fun little girl.  She talked about the 'forest' and all the animals the entire time we were walking through the woods.  She even sssshhhhed us a time or two so we didn't scare them.  Her 5th birthday party wasn't too long ago - Wizard Of Oz themed.  So, what does she wear?  Her very own interpretation of Dorthy's ensemble; decked out in a red ribbon, a blue polka dot dress, a basket with Toto resting inside, and of course the ruby slippers.  Can you say fun? 

The slippers were my favorite.  Although, I was a little disappointed she couldn't zap us to an exotic beach when she clicked her heals.  Kidding.  She was precious, and her stories were very entertaining for our long hike.  Upon meeting Alana and after finding out about her little Wizard Of Oz obsession, I couldn't help but say, "Hi Alana!  Are you ready to see some lions, tigers, and bears?  Oh my!"  She gave me huge smile and Mom laughed.  From there, I knew I had her full and undivided attention.  We got along famously.


  1. What an adorable set - you do such great work!

  2. Oh my goodness. These are precious. Love them. Great job.

  3. wow...these are such beautiful photos! what a cute little girl!

  4. What fun shots :D Loved the last one with the carved heart in the railing!


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