May 28, 2011


Once again, Grandma delivers and brings over tons of chalk for the kids to play with.  I love the look and feel of brand new chalk.  Am I weird?  Hate the mess, though.  We not only have one bucket, but two big buckets full.  I think we're good for awhile.  We had already dipped into the bucket, but I thought of trying something new. 

a little family time

I told Aaron this past weekend that we needed to go for a walk or do something other than sit in the house.  Plus, I had photo shoots and felt our weekends were running short.  We made our way around our neighborhood and then through some other neighborhoods in hopes of getting some much needed fresh air and so Landon could burn some energy.  Liam enjoyed it.  But, who doesn't love being pushed around? 

project 365: week 21

Welcome to my 21st week of the year...

May 23, 2011

project 365: week 20

Welcome to my 20th week of the year...

belle and camila bethany {photo shoot}

I had to share this photo shoot with ya.  I couldn't resist.  I love all of my photo shoots, I really do, but this one was a little special to me since I had taken Belle's two year pictures last year, and this time I had the privilege of capturing her sweet baby sister (my first newbie shoot). 

alana proctor {photo shoot}

Meet Alana.  Alana is a very inquisitive, talkative, bright, fun little girl.  She talked about the 'forest' and all the animals the entire time we were walking through the woods.  She even sssshhhhed us a time or two so we didn't scare them.  Her 5th birthday party wasn't too long ago - Wizard Of Oz themed.  So, what does she wear?  Her very own interpretation of Dorthy's ensemble; decked out in a red ribbon, a blue polka dot dress, a basket with Toto resting inside, and of course the ruby slippers.  Can you say fun? 

May 19, 2011

warm day, cool dude

It was sunny today, and by sunny, I mean blinding.  I usually don't wear sunglasses when I know I will be snapping pictures, but today I was half tempted.  Wow.  I grabbed Liam's little sunglasses (a.k.a. Landon's old toddler sunglasses) because I didn't want him scowling in every photo.  Well, they didn't stay on long.  If he could talk he would have said, "Mom, it's a toddler thing, you wouldn't understand.", as he gave me the eye and a little smile.  He's a stinker.  Sunglasses distract me and becoming annoying at times, so I can't blame the kid.  When he did wear them, he wore them proudly and very big boy like...on his head.

What's a day without a little destruction, or perhaps testing Mom's tolerance level?

He definitely meets the cool dude criteria.

May 18, 2011

door knob nazi

There's no doubt that Liam is moving up and moving on.  He is becoming more and more interested in how doors work lately.  Probably for the simple fact that they are things in our house that are always swinging, slamming, clicking, and so on.  They are fun and a great eye-catcher.  When someone comes in or goes out, Liam is totally tuned in and running toward the opportunity of escape.  He thought he'd try out a few doors in the home to see what cool, toddler stunts he could pull...or in this case, turn.  He tried, but failed.  It won't be long, though.  He'll be escaping in no time!  Watching him stand on his tippy-toes while stretching his little body as far as it could stretch was absolutely precious.  He's learning little things every day.  Right now, he's obsessed with our dishwasher.  I'd like to think that I have instilled some responsibility in him from early on, but I know that's not true at only 21 months.  He loves moving the bottom rack back and forth and clanging dishes together.  He also enjoys going through our cabinets, specifically our spice drawer.  He likes the sound of them knocking together with the flick of his wrists.  He hasn't chucked anything across the room yet, thankfully, but it's the motion of in and out and open and shut that thrills him.  Which brings me back to the doors.  While he's on his changing table he scoots to the edge and closes the door, and since he can't turn and pull yet, he waits patiently for me to do it so he can close it again.  It's becoming a very popular game in our home. Oh, and he loves hats, too.  He finds it to be hysterical when I flip a hat off my head, or his.  He giggles repeatedly, to the point of losing his breath.  He's mine and I love him so.

Liam's first attempt at escape.  Locked door = an even bigger challenge for our curious tot.

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Second attempt.  Only he doesn't realize this is the closet.  Don't worry, it happens to the best of us, Liam.

Third and final attempt.  No such luck.  Maybe next time.

Sporting one of my ball caps.  I love how his curls wrap around the base of the cap.  ::swoon::

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May 14, 2011

the mismatching misfits

This is kinda' random, but our conversation goes something like this...

Me:  Hey Landon, let's dress in crazy mismatched clothes and take pictures! (told ya I was a kid)

Landon:  Uhm, okay.

Aaron:  What?!

Me:  I think it would be fun, and something we've never done before!

Aaron:  Uhm, okay.  (are you starting to see a pattern of enthusiasm between the two boys?)

Me:  Will you take pictures, hon?

Aaron:  Sure.  (that was a 'I think you're nuts' kind of "sure")

Landon goes to his room and picks out some clothes while I go off into the other room to change into my fabulous mismatched ensemble.  Poor Liam had no chance and didn't know what was about to hit him.  We all walk out of our rooms dressed to the nines (in argyle, plaid, stripes, and funky colors) and Aaron just chuckled and said, "You all actually look adorable", as he gives me side eye.  I laughed and took my crazy looking children out in our front yard for all to see.  Landon took off down the street at first.  I frantically told him to come back because I didn't want my neighbors thinking that I actually dressed my kids like that.  Like anyone really cares, right?  They're kids!  Me, on the other hand, that's a different story.  Kids aren't supposed to know better, but as an adult, I am expected to.  I can only imagine how many neighbors shook their heads at me.  Then the fun began.  This also doubled as my Mother's Day photos with the kids that I wasn't able to get on Sunday.  Poor kids, and my poor husband.  When he asked me to be his wife, I truly believe he didn't know what he was getting into - ya know, one big Sesame Street Show.  Surprise!  I think he secretly loves me for it, and for someone who's going to turn 40, I think it makes him feel youthful.  I always aim to please, and we had fun.

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liam turns 21 months...and two days!

I get busy and sometimes forget to post my little man's monthly birthdays, but I'm noticing that this is not the only thing I get behind on.  I guess time is flying that fast, huh?  Am I having fun?  You bet!  So, this is our Herculiam at a whopping 21 months!  Such a big boy!  I tried something different this time around.  I cloned the graphic on his onesie and typed in his age instead.  I'll admit, this was much easier and less time consuming than trying to find objects to incorporate into the picture to spell out his age (sticks, rocks, cars, etc.).  I still had a few up my sleeve, but like I said, I thought I would be different this time...and quicker. Looks like I'll be making a trip to the store to buy some plain onesies!  Easy peasy!  Looks like a real printed onesie to me.  I noticed some places have stickers you can place on the shirts.  Those are cute, but they only go to certain age, so I had to make do.

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May 13, 2011

project 365: week 19

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127.  Liam had a diaper malfunction.
128.  Aaron and I had a Mother's Day cookout.
129.  Landon played with his new bubbles.
130.  Liam got tubes for the first time.
131.  Liam went outside for a swing.
132.  Liam played plant whisperer.
133.  Liam hams it up for the camera before nap.

NapTime MomTog Project 365

mr. imagination, the follower, and the plant whisperer

Remember when I talked about Landon loving anything and everything random?  Well, here is a prime example of that.  This is an old cylinder box my paper came in.  Landon's really into pretend play and pretended this was his big, powerful sword.  Crazy kid.

And then, there's Liam following his Brother around everywhere.  You can tell he's going to do everything Landon does.  Landon loves it....for now.  I'm not sure how long this will last.  Landon calls Liam his little circus monkey.  How cute is that?

Liam goes from circus monkey to plant whisperer within a matter of minutes.  He had a good time 'talking' to the plants.  He's obviously well-rounded.

backyard play

Man, it has been extremely hot here.  It's been anywhere from mid 80's to 90.  The humidity is horrible, which makes it feel like you're sitting in a sauna.  The kids don't seem to mind it much, but poor little Liam's face gets beet red.  I typically don't last long and find myself making an excuse to take the kids back inside.  I'm in total pass out mode when I'm outside these days.  And, just to think, summer hasn't technically arrived yet.  Wow.  I try to suck it up as much as possible because I know it makes them happy.

Liam's infamous Yoga pose.  Love it!


Landon was picked up by his Grandparents the night before for an over-nighter so he could get to school the next morning.  The time was 5:30 a.m. when the alarms went off.  I knew it was going to be a rough day having to get up early knowing my little dude was getting tubes for the first time.  I was exhausted, but I wasn't nervous at all.  In fact, I was actually quite calm.  Liam had surgery on another part of his body before, so we were already prepared.  Plus, getting tubes didn't come close to what we had to go through with the first surgery.  This was cake.   We get there at 6:45 and Liam was carried back for surgery at 7:45.  By the time I prepared my coffee, the doctor was tapping me on the shoulder letting us know he did fine.  They called us back to see him immediately.  It was super quick.  As we walked back to the recovery area, the nurse was cuddling him because he was crying.  For some reason babies under the age of two don't take to waking up from anesthesia very well.  It scares them and sometimes they don't like the way it makes them feel.  We took him from the nurse and cuddled with him for a little while.  He refused to take juice, but they released us anyway.  We got home and got ourselves back into routine.  He was doing great!  He's been back in action ever since!

Waiting to go back.

Getting last minute paperwork completed and stats. Liam also changed into his adorable gown.  He was a big hit with the ladies.  His chunky cellulite-covered legs were the biggest hit.

Waiting for surgery.

Finally, the recovery room.

You'll have to excuse the 'I just rolled out of bed' look.

Is this not the cutest little face?

random finds

By random finds, I mean it.  Or, perhaps I should call this my little scavenger hunt.  This is the first time that Liam has had a diaper malfunction since birth and Landon plays with the most random things, like cardboard boxes.  He told me he wants me to glue popsicle sticks to one of the boxes and glue rocket ships all over it for his new laundry hamper.  I don't know as if I'll find the time to do it, but it's a pretty crafty idea and a great way to reuse, recycle, and reduce.  Luckily I had my camera handy.  I love Liam's heiny.  Not only does it make me smile, but his heiny actually smiles at you.  So cute.

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May 12, 2011

chalk child and bubble boy

Mother's Day, Grandma brought Landon some chalk and bubbles, among other things.  Since the day was hectic and people were making their way out the door, I told Landon we would wait until the following week to play with them.  While Landon was in school, I took Liam out in the driveway to play with chalk.  Loved it.  I think he was more excited about chucking them across the driveway than drawing with them, but all in all, he had fun.  It was extremely hot.  My little one's face was flushed with mounds of sweat pouring down his forehead.  We didn't stay out for long because of the nasty heat.  Then, it was time to pick up Landon from school.  The first thing out of his mouth when he got into the car, "Can we play with chalk and bubbles when we get home?"  As soon as he dropped his backpack in the hallway he was off.  Liam and I were a little hesitant at first since it was so hot outside, but I thought a few minutes with Landon wouldn't hurt anything.  After all, it was only fair.  Landon got a kick out of Liam's reaction to the bubbles being blown in his face.  You could hear them popping on his head.  Liam giggled the entire time we played.  He would chase them, grab for them, and run from them.  Such an adorable moment. 

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