Apr 23, 2011

poof, tooth be gone

As some of you may already know, Landon has had a loose tooth that had been bugging me for a while now.  I can't tell you how long it was loose, but I am so relieved that it finally came out today!  Congrats, Landon!  After Dad and Landon's snuggle time, he was moving about the house and I hear, "Mom, it's coming out!".  He came running to me with this cheesy, bloody smile and excited high-pitch squeal while his eyes told me 'I'm a little panicked from all the blood'.   I was so happy for him.  When he saw himself in the mirror for the first time, he thought he looked like a cool vampire.  I'll admit, there was a little more blood than I had anticipated.  Gross.  Aaron has never been the 'here, let me give your tooth a tug' type.  He's always been the 'just let it fall out on its own because I'm not touching it' type.  It gives him the willies.  I was proud of Aaron.  He calmly grabbed a tissue and gave it a little tug, and poof, it came right out.  Aaron shook off the willies and moved on while I stopped the bleeding. Landon, of course, used his tongue to play with his new space as we all did when we lost teeth.  Ya know, when you stick your tongue between the gap?  Yep, that was him.  He was thrilled beyond words, and I'm not going to lie, I was too! 

My thoughts exactly.

Time for a rinse.

Slowing down the bleeding.

A whole new man.

Showing off his pride and joy.

i wanna be just like you, dad

Landon is clearly a Daddy's boy.  You never would have guessed it when he was little with him being attached to my hip 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  It's very sad that Landon can't be around his Dad as much as he would like, so naturally, he wants to do everything he does and spend as much time with him as possible.  Even if that means a little snuggle time in the morning.  When Aaron talks about having to go into work for last minute stuff, or if he has to work a full day to make sales quota, you can bet that Landon hits a state of depression...and it's horrible.  The disappointed look on his face brings tears to our eyes.  The cracked voice telling him not to go breaks our hearts.  Hopefully, with some changes taking place in the work force soon, that will all be different.  Or at least we are hoping.  There's nothing worse than a parent working as much as he does looking back and wonder their kids' childhood went.  So, these are one of those adoring moments I was able to capture - just the two of them.

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project 365: week 16

106.  We watched the Thunder Over Louisville fireworks.
107.  Liam helped me pick weeds.
108.  Landon and Liam visited the Easter Bunny.
109.  I took Easter photos of the boys.
110.  One of two vintage suitcases arrived in the mail.
111.  Liam takes a time out and plays in his room.
112.  I play peek-a-boo with Liam.

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Apr 21, 2011

toys, joys, and boys

Lately Liam has been sneaking off to his room. Could it be that I moved more of his toys in or he's discovering new toys that we had stashed away until he got a little older? Could it be that he has noticed that closets are usually stuffed with 'get into things you're not supposed to' goodies? Truthfully, his room has become a storage area for his toys (and sometimes Landon's). Our living room was starting to look cluttered - maybe even a little Toy "R" Us-ish.  I caught him playing with a few toys and grabbed my camera to catch him in action. He was definitely in his own world, as was I.

As for Landon, he hit the outdoors as soon as he hit the front door. He had it all worked out ahead of time because his homework was already completed before he left school. I take it he was ready to play. Usually, Landon does his homework, grabs a snack and crashes.  I just snapped a few shots before I started to get cold and headed inside.

Ahhh, the joys of parenting.

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Apr 20, 2011

this is what happens

This is what happens when we receive tornado warnings and 'take cover' messages from our local Meteorologists late at night. We look dreadful.  It was a long day with the kids for me and a long day at work in my husband's case.  We all pile into our bathroom with blankets, pillows, battery-operated radios, and of course, my camera. Can't forget the camera!  This all started around Liam's bedtime, and with all the excitement there was no way in heck he was going to sleep. Landon had already passed out in our bedroom, so I had to carry all sixty-something pounds of him into the tub. My husband wasn't home from work yet, but when he arrived it terrified him that nobody was able to be found. Baby wasn't in his room, Landon wasn't in his room, I wasn't in my room, and the dog was missing. Aaron started to panic until he heard an itty bitty noise come from our bright-eyed, wide awake babe sitting in the tub playing with shampoo. By the way, I could tell Liam was confused.  "What, no water?" His first reaction was pretty funny.  Anyway, Aaron comes in and says, "I was freaking out that I cound't find you! You all look so adorable all snuggled up!" My thought? Mmmmmmkay. I'm sorry, 'adorable' never came to mind, but 'exhausted' did. We were all up until about 1:30 a.m. Landon continued to sleep in the tub until it was all over and Liam finally passed out when things died down. Our dog? He was the biggest chicken of us all.  All went well, no damage to report.  However, there were people with major damage around us, in different cities - fires and all.  I felt so bad for them.  And, because of the high winds, quite a few had power outage.  It's all good though.  We don't have too many of these 'scares' in this area, so I'm not too worried.  Let's just say that our electric company and insurance companies definitely have their hands full for the next few days/weeks ahead. 

Aaron calming our dog down.  Notice the 'ssssshhhh' expression on Aaron's face?

Meet Peyton, our 'scaredy dog'.  He covered his eyes during the storm.  Does he win the most adorable dog ever award?  You betcha'!

I wasn't up for being in the pictures at that hour, but Aaron had to get the rest of us on camera, too!  I was a good sport.


Apr 19, 2011

my little bunny foo foos

First and foremost, I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter! I can't believe it's Easter already!  Bring on the egg hunting and mounds of chocolate, baby! I received my seamless in the mail and bribed Landon to help me give it a test run. Liam got to model a cozy blanket prop for his Easter pictures. Thanks Aunt Jen for letting us use it, even though it's technically supposed to be on loan for a newbie shoot.  I thought a test run might do me some good.  I will say, there will be plenty of moments ahead for more seamless fun for our Herculiam.


Apr 17, 2011


Yesterday was our big event to bring in Derby, Thunder Over Louisville. We don't go down to the river much anymore because of crowds, drunks, fights, smoke, and sometimes because of the bad weather. This year it had rained a little and was a whopping 44 degrees. Being down by the river only makes it colder. Uhm, no thanks. So, for the last few years we have watched a few of the pre-firework events on TV until it was time for the fireworks to begin. We then pack up the car and find a pretty decent spot for viewing. Having the heat on, the music blaring, a few White Castles in hand, and snapping a few pictures along the way was exciting enough for me. It. Was. Freezing. Liam enjoyed it. I thought the noise might scare him. Wrong. The kid is so clogged with fluid that a bomb could go off and wouldn't phase him a bit. Plus, he digs sounds, vibrations, and lights, so I'd say it was right up his alley. However, I think the 'batman' lights were more appealing to his eyes. Landon, on the other hand, was more into his White Castles. He is his Father's son. Hopefully next year will be warmer!


playin' catch-up

I am sorry if I hadn't gotten back to you, leaving you a comment or e-mail these past two weeks (even in a timely manner). I've been so incredibly busy and found myself skipping Vloggin' Vednesdays, twice. So, I guess at this point, I'll just have to participate when I can. Truthfully, I just need time to breathe.  I got so behind with photo shoots and every day life that I feel like I am losing my audience. Hopefully, I can bounce back soon and get back into my groove.  Until then, I have some photos to share with ya.