Dec 30, 2011

Mr. Landonato Head

Since Liam has been in therapy he has discovered new things, such as a Mr. Potato Head.  All these new toys have taught him quite a few things; how to pretend play, improve his fine motor and problem solving skills, as well as teach him body parts just to name a few.  Mr. Potato Head has plenty of body parts to explore and more, including those fun accessories.  But, I'm not telling you anything you don't already know.  I've said it before on different occasions, Landon somehow has a fascination with baby toys.  I'll find him laying on the floor in Liam's room playing with big wooden puzzles, rolling a shopping cart around as if he were at a real supermarket, or playing with some sort of Fischer-Price concoction.  It's a sure thing that Landon doesn't have a problem with pretend play.  The other day I caught Landon pretending to be Mr. Potato Head and thought I would snap a couple of pictures to prove how funny, creative, or just plain goofy my kid really is. 

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Dec 29, 2011

Fantastic News

I know a lot of you have been following the progress of Liam.  Some of you may need some info.  So, I'll fill you in and keep it short and sweet.

Liam had to be put in a body cast post surgery on his groin/hip area because of Hip Dysplasia and Hip Dislocation.  Normally the doctors would catch this in the beginning (0-3 months).  But, because he was so flexible as a baby, they missed it.  I had his Pedi call a Pedi Ortho doctor to find out what is going on and why he was limping.  From there, the hip issue was detected, he had surgery, placed in a body cast for three months, and then in a brace to hold everything in place.  The brace was supposed to be on a year.

Well, the good news now is Liam went back to the Pedi Ortho for a check-up appointment to see if there were any adjustments needed for the brace.  They always do an x-ray every time he goes in.  And, as always, he's gotten good reports.  Turns out, his hip is doing better than expected and his brace is due to come off in or around two months!  You don't know how happy I was to get that news on Tuesday.  I started thinking about all the things he would be able to do this summer and so on.  Of course, PT is going to come back into play here shortly to help him gain the strength he needs to walk normal again.  Now, we just wait for our new chapter to begin.  Can't wait! 

In the meantime, here are some photos of Liam these last few days showing us how happy, adorable, and wild he is.  Definitely a wild man.

This is him bouncing on the bed and falling face first for fun.




And, of course, cracking himself up.

These were taken after we returned home from the doctor's office.

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Liam has developed a new love for his room.  It must have something to do with all of his toys being in there.  It must!  I even catch Landon in Liam's room playing with baby toys from time to time.  Liam tugs at his gate to let me know he's ready to go in or if he's ready to come out.  I was comforted knowing that everything was right on schedule, so him move in all different directions didn't bother me as much.  I was finally at ease knowing he wasn't some porcelain doll that could break with the slightest touch.  

I was playing with Scene feature on my beast.  I don't know what possessed me to do it, but definitely something I fail to get around to. 

Love the Elvis hair.

Shhhhh, I think I hear something.

Food?  What!

By the way, I'm not sure why links are showing up throughout my posts, but I apologize.  Don't click on them.  They are iPad advertisements.  Anyone else having this issue, or know how to permanently fix it?  I think I temporarily fixed it, but I have to change some of my words in order for it not to link.  Very strange. 

Dec 28, 2011

Christmas All Around

To start the Christmas weekend off we went to my In-Laws for a Christmas Eve get-together.  This was nothing short of exciting with a random, "Hey, while we're walking around the neighborhood burning dinner off our thighs, let's go caroling.".  I was nowhere near prepared and a little embarrassed to say the very least.  But, it was all in good fun, and a few neighbors thought it was so fun in fact, they decided to give us a good clap at the end, as well as take the time out to video tape our little spur-of-the-moment charade.  *gasp*  That's all I need is to become a new YouTube sensation, or better yet, a YouTube joke.  It was fun, but I'm hoping next time (if there is a next time) I can be a little more call everyone I know.

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Landon was the knock 'n  run guy.

Antsy, uncooperative kiddos and thirty-something frames later, this is "the one".  I'll take it!

These are the bloopers. When you're busy setting up a tripod and adjusting settings for lighting, it's amazing what you can capture during the in-between times - facial expressions, people talking, sneezing, etc.  They make for some pretty fun photographs.

I can't wait to caption these...

Aaron:  What is going on?
Mom:  Evan, stop that.
Jen:  It's okay mom, I'll just sing him a song.  He'll be fine.  "Ohhhhh holy......"
Dad:  I think I'm gonna pass out.

Looks as though Mamaw and Papaw are the only ones in the Christmas spirit.

Dan:  Why are we taking this picture again?
Jen:  You better knock that dirty look off your face, Dan.  I mean it.
Landon:  I can't believe I got clothes for Christmas.  How lame.

Liam:  Oh man, I think I'm gonna be sick.
Mom:  I think Liam just threw up.  That's hilarious.
Dad:  At least they're your shoes and not mine.  *devilish laugh*

Here is the good one.  Well, with the exception of Papaw's "high on Christmas" look.

This is the good one.

After we left we went to a local park in town to see all the pretty Christmas lights before heading home.

 Then, we had our little Christmas the morning of.  I love watching my boys' faces light up.  Liam finally got into the spirit...of ripping paper.  I think he had more fun doing that than seeing a new toy magically revealed.  Every time the paper would make a ripping sound, he would let out a big laugh.  Landon got tickled just watching him.

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That afternoon Aaron and I had our annual PJ Potluck Christmas gathering.  We usually have a good turnout and the food is always de-lish.  We had a wonderful time the entire holiday weekend.  There was never a dull moment between the two sets of families.

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I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as we did!