Dec 31, 2010

rock stars and such

After staying the night with Mamaw and Papaw, Landon came back full of energy and spunk. I had finally put his microphone together to surprise him when he arrived. He was all smiles, let me tell ya. Landon already had the guitar from his birthday party. Now, all we're missing is a keyboard and a drum set. He told me that he will sing and play the guitar, Dad will be on the keyboard, and I will be the drummer. I asked him what Liam could do and his response was, "He can be my number one fan!" And he is, no doubt. But, I think he might be a better drummer.  So, it looks as though we will be starting up a band soon. *sigh* What I've always wanted. *double sigh*  The next thing I know we'll be the Von Trapps singing at every street corner. I'm sure that will be a sight for all to see. Even Liam got in on the action.  Until our big debut...

Look out Justin Bieber.  You have some competition.

Applause from his biggest fans.

I suppose Landon got a little hungry.

 Liam gives it a go.

And then it's time for quality control.

Liam must take a quick break from "work" to check his messages.

Landon had a blast, I had a nice little break, and Liam enjoyed his alone time with his Mama.  I'd say everyone was happy.  Now, we just wait to bring in the new year with Daddy when he gets home.

Happy New Year, everyone!


Dec 29, 2010

christmas in a flash

Somehow we managed to make a trip to my In-Laws for their Christmas Eve get-together, make it home in enough time to get the kids to bed, wrap last minute gifts, play Santa, and clean the house. Then, get up early, open presents, make breakfast, clean, and prepare for our annual Christmas get-together. I had to babysit four kids, pass out gifts, take pictures, feed the guests while trying to keep everything organized, including the trash. Wow, that was exhausting. I don't see how we did it. Luckily, Sunday we were able to catch our breath and relax for a few. Let me just say, I'm glad it's over, and thankfully, it went by fast.  Phew!

 Seven vs. 16 months:
Landon opening his presents.  Liam dressing up as one.

Landon unwrapped all of his gifts in sixty seconds.  After 10 minutes, Liam is still working hard on just one.

Landon pretending to be a Knight.  Liam pretending he didn't drop a present in his diaper.  So sorry, Granny.

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas!


Dec 26, 2010

self portrait: sitting

This week's photo challenge at Paper Heart Camera is Show and Tell Self Portrait: Sitting.


Landon, my seven-year-old, tells me every day that he thinks I am beautiful.  He's such a sweet kid.  When he snapped this photo, he was excited - like a kid at Christmas excited.  I didn't have the heart to tell him that is was out of focus.  I did, however, tell him that he almost cut off my eyes in the photo and his response was, "Well, I love your smile.  It's beautiful just like you."  You can't really tell, which is probably a good thing, but I have tears in my eyes.  So, I couldn't help but use this photo since it now has special meaning to me and takes me back to that amazing moment we shared.

For more Self Portrait photos, please visit:


Dec 22, 2010

merry christmas, with love

Getting this done was quite an obstacle.  I'm learning very quickly that there's a huge difference between a seven year old child and a 16 month old child.  If you notice, Landon and Liam are not in the photos together.  Yeah, well, there was a good reason for that.  Too much movement and playing = one frustrated parent.  No thanks.  For the most part, this little shoot went pretty well, until Liam thought it would be a good idea to get up and move around everywhere.  Landon was a ham, of course.  Liam was more interested in the goodies I threw at him.

Landon had written a letter to Santa, telling him everything he wanted.  He thought if he read it aloud that Santa would undoubtedly put them under the tree for him to open Christmas morning.  It was a neat idea.  It made for some pretty darn cute photos.  Good thinkin', bud!

I broke down and bought wood paper flooring.  I figured it was time to invest in some things, nothing big or fancy.  I got one heck of a steal.  I bought it because I have a newborn shoot coming up and I wanted to use it for those photographs and it was inexpensive so I thought, 'Why not.'.  I like it, I guess.  But, the paper, in my opinion, could be a little thicker, especially having people sit on it, or walk on it to get into place.   Anyway, here is a little Christmas collage of the boys to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.  


bowling and wanderings

After a weekend away from home, Landon comes back with a few little toys - one of which was a miniature bowling set.  He absolutely loves this thing.  He even made his own barrier out of Legos so that his pins would stay on the table.  Can you say genius?  Dad and I had to teach him how to keep score in order to make the game more interesting and challenging.  I'll admit, it's been awhile, even for me, so I needed a refresher course in scoring.  Now that he is becoming more intrigued with bowling, we have to make a trip to a real bowling alley so Landon can see how it's really done.  While Landon practiced his bowling skills, Liam ventured off on his own to play and to either A.) check ornament inventory or B.) scope the base of the tree for presents.  Little early for presents, Mr. Liam, and I'm sure we're missing a few ornaments thanks to you.  No worries, though.


a friendly visit

 Landon's best friends, Dylan and Aden, came over for a little visit.  He loved it, and he missed them so much!  It was nice to see a smile on his face and how much fun he was having.  They always have a great time!  And, Aden couldn't wait to play with "baby Lamb".  He can say his name much better now, but I still love the name he gave him.


Funny faces

The three monkeys.  Yeah, maybe not in that order, but we all get the point.


Silly Aden

Goofy reindeer

Landon:  "Look, we're the hoodie Brothers!"

Right back at ya, buddy.


Dec 16, 2010


Do you remember when we were kids and how simple life was? No responsibility, no stress, and no worries. Just mud pies, climbing trees, and waiting for Santa to bring you thousands of presents. Well, maybe if you were me.  I loved those things!  The biggest decision I think I had to make as a kid was what Barbie was going to wear on her date with Ken.

Well, here I am. I'm a Mom. I re-live my childhood and the simplicity of it through them every day. The good news?  Barbie has retired, thank God.  I would much rather play with Lincoln Logs, Legos, and Tonka Trucks anyway.  I make sure I tell Landon to enjoy his childhood while he can and have fun because in a blink of an eye he'll be loaded with responsibility, stress, and worries. He's seven. He still doesn't totally get it, oh but he will, trust me.

I caught Liam enjoying the simple things in life, such as a cardboard box, having fun with his reflection in an ornament, watching television, and exploring some sort of rubber, stretchy thing that had gotten loose from one of Landon's Santa's Shoppe finds.

I am amazed by them every day. Their curiosity runs wild and I sit back, smile, and think, 'Yeah, I've been there.' In simple terms...I love being a Mom.

What is funny about this is when Liam was born, and finally named, we realized that Liam's name spelled backwards is MAIL.  So, we always say that Liam was a special delivery from Heaven.  How ironic is it that he is sitting in one of my opened delivery boxes?  So fun, and so perfect!  He's also a very smart boy, making sure the slip is correct.  He is his Mother's son, and perhaps the next Santa Claus.  He's pretty good at checkin' lists.

Oops.  Apparently the box wasn't strong enough to hold my robust boy, so it finally gave.
[disclaimer:  No toddlers were hurt during this shot]

Boredom kicked in, so it's on to the bright green rubber thing-a-ma-bob.

Vanity is the name of the game.  First, my husband and his hair.  Then, Landon and his hair.  And now, Liam.  I don't think we have enough things that reflect in our home for these three boys.

Liam's not a TV kinda' kid, yet.  But, when something catches his eye, or ears, he is totally tuned in.