Nov 29, 2010


This week at Paper Heart Camera is a Show and Tell Self-Portrait Comfort photo challenge. 



This was a toughy since there is so much out there that defines comfort for me - chocolate, hot showers (sorry ladies, wasn't going there), hot, home-cooked meals, fuzzy slippers, down comforters, sleep, cuddling with my kids, and so much more.  I decided to go with this one.  This is me sitting on the couch wearing sweats and a fleece on a cold, stormy evening, wearing absolutely no makeup, sipping on a hot cup of Joe while snuggling up in a throw watching a Christmas movie.  And, by the way, both kids are taking a nap!  Pure bliss.  So, this is my comfort moment that I was blessed with today.

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Nov 27, 2010

our day of thankfulness

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! We sure did. First, we headed to Aaron's parents' Thanksgiving brunch where we watched a little of the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Then, we moved on to my Sister's big Thanksgiving to-do. There was so much good food, I can't believe I had room for it all! Landon always has fun playing with his cousins and Liam loves getting attention. I think his curls and chubby cheeks get more attention than anything. And, for us, it's always a joy to spend quality time with our families. We had a blast! I have put together a slideshow of our day. Sometimes I get tired of photo dumping, so this is just easier.

I may do this going forward if I have a multitude of photos to share. I hope you don't mind. I figured it saves space, eliminates watermarking every photo, and it's less time consuming.


Nov 22, 2010


This week's photo contest at I Heart Faces is "Paper".  I used this photo for my "Disguise" entry for the October 2010 Photo Hunt challenge and couldn't resist using it again.  It's perfect!  This is Landon checking for good deals at Lowe's.  Got to start 'em early!

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Nov 17, 2010

'tis the season

'Tis the season for singing and dancing, football,  monster cheeks, dimples, and big jelly bellies.  

Landon getting down with Lady Gaga...

Our future Quarterback...

I love this picture.  It reminds me of the movies, "Varsity Blues" and "Friday Night Lights".  There is something pure about it.  It makes me think of a small-town boy who dreams of becoming a big-time football player.

Go Colts!

And, of course, Mr. McLiam showing off his gangster look and hangin' with big Bro.  I love this "I look like a Gap baby" hat!


Nov 16, 2010


The theme this week at Trendy Treehouse is "Birthdays". I love this picture of Landon pretending to dig in...without utensils. Needless to say, he was very ready to chow down on some birthday cake.

The Trendy Treehouse


Nov 13, 2010

liam turns 15 months old today!

Well, more like yesterday.  I'm just a tad bit behind.  My little bug-a-roo is now 15 months! I remember stressing out about his first birthday last weekend...oh wait...I mean, three months ago. Golly Miss Molly, time is flying. I mean really flying. Nothing new to report other than something we found out recently. Liam has hearing loss in both ears, which explains a lot of things to me now. We go back for further testing (Tuesday) to find out if he will be sporting some battery operated devices, or making a trip to the Heuser Hearing Institute for more detailed testing. I'm sure the Audiologist is not looking forward to our visit since I flooded the room and emptied every tissue box in the house.  Poor little guy. It's been a very long road for him. And, I have a gut feeling that this road is only going to get longer. I have to prepare myself the best way I can. I am hoping for the best and prepping for the worst. The only thing keeping me going is I know everything that happens is for a reason and all part of God's master plan. Now, we just wait...

In the meantime, I will post the infamous monthly milestone picture.  Happy 15 months, sweetie!  We will always love you no matter what.


Nov 12, 2010


For all my photog buddies out there, here is a little something for you. In need of a new camera bag? Printlife is having a giveaway for an Epiphanie Camera Bag of your choice. Click on the link below and follow the directions on how to enter for a chance to win!  Good luck to everyone!


Nov 7, 2010

photo shoot: a tie that binds

I didn't want to spend all my time uploading photos on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, so I'll just post one collage. This was a very fun, quirky bunch of friends. It was actually one of their birthdays, so I tried to create something special for her to look back on. Here is a another sneak peek.


photo shoot: a single father's love

Wow, it seems as though I fell off the bloggie radar! I have been incredibly busy lately making scarves and going on photo shoots. Here is a sneak peak of one of my favorite shoots, so far. This is the story of a single Father raising his kids by himself. Emma is seven and Layne is two.  He is such a terrific Dad! Looking at these photos made my heart melt, knowing how much he loves them and the sacrifices he's made.


Nov 3, 2010


 I learned something new today and I'm pretty proud of myself. Thanks, Amanda! I guess I could have fixed my scarf better to make it look a little more presentable for the photo, but I suppose I was worried too much about the camera focusing. Can you tell I'm rusty with timers? So, here is my new creation.  Cool, huh?