Oct 28, 2010

the stick man

Landon was outside the other day and found a stick in the grass.  Of course, we all know that sticks and little boys don't mix, so I told him to put it down for the fear of him hurting himself, or better yet, someone else.  Did he listen?  I'll let you see for yourself.

Channeling the Stick Gods 


on the move

Liam is now walking! Well, actually he started taking his first steps at a little over 12 months and actually walked a little before 14 months.  He's an aspiring turtle and very cautious, what can I say.  Sorry, I'm a little slow on these fun things (ahem, I guess I know where Liam gets "turtle" from). I'm sure I'll have video to post very soon. For now, here are pictures of Liam doin' his thang and playing with his Brother (the ninja).


Oct 26, 2010


The Trendy Treehouse

This week's Shutter Love Tuesday challenge is "Collage" at Trendy Treehouse. Sure, I have a multitude of collages to share and I make them quite often, but I decided to go with something I've already posted since I absolutely love this collage of Liam turning 14 months. I captured a little bit of everything that day, from his tiny chalked-up jeans and head full of curiosity to his favorite dino dude and beautiful smile. 

(Click on the "Trendy Treehouse" button above to view more collages)

Happy Tuesday, everyone! 


Oct 24, 2010

fake polaroid fun

I learned something new over the weekend and I absolutely love it. It really was fun to do. And, this may be something I use for engagements down the road. This wasn't done to perfection since I didn't have everything that I needed to pull this off the correct way, but man, I can't wait to do this on my kids! Fun stuff.

Which one do YOU like the best?


Oct 23, 2010


First and foremost, it's still difficult for me to fathom that I am a Mom. I think back over seven years ago and try to visualize not being one. I can't. I am a Mom and there's nothing in this world to change it.  I don't want to.  Now that time has passed and I look at my baby, my almost seven year old baby, I am saddened.  I thought to myself this morning, 'This can't be right.  I just had him.  I remember changing his diaper last night.'  I know what you're thinking.  No, I didn't get my kids confused.  I looked at Landon the other day and saw how mature his features had become and wondered what he will look like as a teenager, or even a grown man.  What kind of person will he be?  What will he choose as a career?  Will he be a good person like we've taught him to be?  Sure, he's a terrific kid now, but how much of a difference will a few years really make, and how does a child change that much to where they are almost unrecognizable?  He's growing up.  He's getting tall.  He has a mind of own, his own opinions.  He can dress himself and brush his teeth.  He can open the fridge and pour himself a glass of milk.  He can work the electronics.  He can speak to me in a not so nice tone when his emotions kick in.  Who knew that my kid would have feelings and could express them to me?  When he wakes up in the morning, as he stretches and yawns, he says, "Good morning, Mom."  Not, "Good Morning, Mommy." in a baby voice.  He's so boy-like now.  I never in a million years thought that he would be doing these things when I looked into his gorgeous greens as he played with Elmo when he was three.  Seven years seems like such a long time ago.  If everything goes according to plan, he'll be leaving our nest, the nest we worked very hard to build for him, in 11 years.  I'm scared to blink.  Landon will be seven on the 30th and suddenly this Mama started to panic - in three years he will be in double digits.  Oh my!  I don't think I'm prepared to say, "I have a 10 year old son." just yet.  Thank goodness I have three more years to get it through my head!  Whether you're prepared for parenthood or not, it's the best thing in the world.  He is such a wonderful son and I am very proud.  Party pictures will come next week!  Fellow bloggers beware. *evil laugh*

 I love his shoes, his filthy bare feet...well, I just love him.

Yay for turning seven!


Oct 20, 2010

bath time

This week Photo Freak is having a "Bath Time" contest. I thought this one is worth using. Plus, who wouldn't want to see a couple of spikey-haired, naked pirates anyway?  Well, at least they think they're pirates - Liam with his ship and Landon with his pretend fake eye patch and nose crimp. "Arrrr, Matey."


Oct 19, 2010

a story in pictures

This is a repost from the other day, but I couldn't help but use this. I thought it was perfect for the "A Story in Pictures" photo challenge at Trendy Treehouse this week. This is a story of a Grandmother who absolutely adores being with her Grandchildren. She writes, draws, reads, sings, dances, laughs, kisses, educates, spoils, hugs, loves on, plays, and snuggles with her babies any chance she gets. This is her story in pictures.

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The Trendy Treehouse


Oct 18, 2010

in the orchard

This week's photo challenge at I Heart Faces is "In the orchard". This is also Liam's first experience with real apples, let alone a whole orchard full of them. We had so much fun scouting and picking from the beautiful trees, but Liam's favorite was the truck ride to the orchard! It was nice and bouncy, which was right up his alley.  I love how enthralled he is in this picture.

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from your heart

This week's "Show and Tell" photo challenge at Paper Heart Camera is "From your heart". I think I'm with everyone else who's a parent when I say that "from my heart" represents my kids and how much they mean to me. And, all of the wonderful things that Landon makes for me and does for his Brother.  Not only are they from my heart and in my heart, they melt it in every way. When I look at this photo it shows how much they love one another. Landon is such a wonderful big Brother. In this photo he is showing Liam how to hold the flower as well as teaching him how to say the word. I couldn't ask for a better duo. Landon and Liam will always hold the biggest place in my heart and I am truly blessed.

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outdoor fun with the grandparents

 Mamaw and Papaw came over to visit their precious baby boys yesterday.  We had so much fun playing outside.  And once again, the weather was perfect for it! 

Papaw being goofy on the swing, Landon joins in, and then Papaw gives Spidey a turn.  We all laughed.  Silly Papaw.

Mamaw having fun with her boys (and Spidey, too!)

What a fun day!


Oct 17, 2010

mirror fun and more

I love my kids. They are a riot. One in particular is just as goofy as I am and I adore him for it. Saturday was an eventful day for us. We had to do touch ups on the "playhouse" (as Landon calls it), install the swing seats and trapeze bar, and played until their Dad and I dropped. Aaron fell asleep outside and I managed to use toothpicks to keep my eyes open long enough to cook dinner. Fun day!

And yes, I am wearing a toboggan, Pippi Longstocking style knee socks, and pajama pants...don't hate.