Aug 31, 2010

the art of being a son

This week at school is art week.  Landon's teacher sent a note home wanting them to bring in old shirts from home they could get messy.  Good thing, 'cause he did exactly that, and I'm sure this shirt will only get worse as his art classes progress.  And, what do ya know...Mrs. Lewis is a Colts fan.  I knew I liked her!  So, I'm sure she got a kick out of his shirt.  When I picked Landon up from school, he was sporting this shirt and a smile.  He looked so cute, even though the shirt swallowed him.  I suppose he has a lot of vegetables to eat to fill it.  It's also son's week this week.  But, let's try to keep that quiet.  If Landon finds out, I'll never hear the end of it.  He already thinks Sunday is Sonday.  He also thinks he gets anything and everything he wants, so letting the cat out of the bag will surely be the death of me. 

"Don't make me smile, Mama." (yeah, 'cause smiling would be bad)


Aug 30, 2010

success is what you make of it

My success? My success involves my family, which is why I included our family picture in this blog post for the Epiphanie giveaway. Truly, the most successful thing I've done in my life.  Having a business is difficult in this day and age. So, without further ado...

Congrats on your first year!

Oh yes, and let's not forget that because Epiphanie is celebrating their first year of business, they are giving away a Canon 5D Mark II.  Go to their site for a chance to win!  Here's the link for the instructions on how to enter...

 (And no, I am not that lucky, but I thought I would give it a try since I'm in the market for a new camera.)  You should too!


Aug 29, 2010

the agenda

Eating sitting up...check.

Eat lying down...check.

Annoy Brother by pulling on the cord...check.

Annoy Brother by blocking the TV...check.

Say, "Good morning.  How do you do?" to the plants...check.

Pretend to be a Bouncer.  "May I see your ID, please?"...check.

Swing toys around the room...check.

Learn to crochet...check.

Play Hide and Seek...check.

Inspect table for gum...check.

Check home decor for durability...check.

Say Hi to outdoor friends...check.

Spy on neighbors...check.

This was one busy kid this morning!  Phew!


Aug 28, 2010

what the heck is this?

Disclaimer:  No injuries took place and Liam was very well supervised. 

 As Liam was roaming the house and being his independent self, he wondered over to the lamp plug. This kid was so enthralled. He basically just studied it for awhile, while cocking his head in confusion, and moved on when he got bored. It was interesting to watch.  And, now that I am looking back at these photos, I am noticing that he is holding the cord correctly.  He's really into electrical safety!  Smart boy!


sleep positions

I have caught Liam sleeping in different positions over the last few weeks, more like the last few days. When he's tired, he's tired. Is there anything more precious than a sleeping baby?

 "I just need an ipod and a beach and I'm all set."

Comfy? Who needs foot stools when you've got a tray!

Sleep date with Pooh.

And, let's not forget...


Aug 25, 2010

happy anniversary

Aaron and I have been together for quite some time and have learned a lot about the other person. And, when I say a lot, I mean it.  Some things, I could probably live without.  Anyone else have this issue?  But, we've grown to love them - the good and the bad. We know in our hearts that it was meant to be. It took climbing mountains, leaping from building to building, covering miles of desert, and swimming oceans to get to where we are as no relationship is ever easy. I am happy to report that after all the bad seeds we have been through, we finally found our diamond in the rough...or should I say diamond stud for him? Anyway, love is a great feeling. When I met Aaron, I knew I finally found the love I was looking for, and I also found my best friend. Not too many people can say that and I am very blessed to be one of the lucky ones. So, without further ado, I would like to wish my husband a very happy anniversary. May we have many more wonderful years together.


Aug 24, 2010

the tooth fairy is rich...apparently

Landon lost his third tooth this morning while eating his breakfast. When he approached me, he told me that he had lost it, but he didn't know where it was or when it happened. He was clearly upset since he knows that no tooth = no money. I told him to look around his bed one last time before we headed out, thinking that he lost it sometime in his sleep. Nothing. A light bulb went off and thought he would check his plate. And, voila! Phew, that was close.  I didn't want his fourth day of school to start off on a bad note.  We bagged it up and now we wait for bed time to come. He is super excited! On the way out the door he was trying to work the calculations in his head (not sure how). He thought now that he's older he gets more money. His ballpark figure was around $1,000. WOW, that's a pretty special tooth!  I had to explain to him that he had to take what is given to him since there are a lot of other boys and girls losing teeth, too.  He seemed to be okay with that.  He has another tooth loose on the opposite side, next to the two middle teeth.  It will only be a matter of time before Mom and Dad have to take out a loan to keep up with this expensive tradition.  $1000 a tooth?  Could you imagine?  I think I would have to make up a sad story like..."I'm sorry Landon, but the Tooth Fairy got squished by an elephant at the Zoo."


Aug 21, 2010

a little early

Aaron and I have an anniversary coming up very soon, and since Aaron is on vacation, we thought we would get out of the house for a little while and celebrate a little early. It was a good time, but I've learned two things. 1. We are very domesticated 2. We are definitely parents, which we now know we can't deny even if we tried. For our anniversary we grabbed a bite to eat where we met. Then, we headed to Home Depot and Toys "R" Us. What?! In the real world, we don't call this an anniversary outing, we call this losing our minds. Who shops for household items and baby things on a date? But, in reality, being away from the kids doing anything is a treat. This can include garbage picking. Okay, not really, but I think you get the point. Happy Anniversary to my amazing hubby!

Where it all began.  See the Logan's sign?  That was so not planned, but very cool.

Drinks?  Uhm, yes please!  Self portrait?  Why not.  Oh yes, and I am now convinced that I am super talented.  Ten pound DSLR in one hand and a pint-o-beer in the other.  Brilliant.

P.D.A?  Of course!

We hope for many more years of wonderful memories and happiness.



I caught the boys chillaxin' in bed, so I couldn't resist this photo opp.  So sweet.

Aaron:  "I just want to sleep."  
Liam:  "I just want my Mama."  
Landon:  "I just want Mom to stop taking pictures."


mamaw and papaw babysit the kids

Mamaw and Papaw were nice enough to babysit the boys while Aaron and I went out for some alone time.  The kids always enjoy their visits.  They read books, play games, watch movies, spell, do math, and all other sorts of things.  And, of course, Liam loves the attention!

Not sure of the look, but it's priceless.  "You mean you want ME to smile?"

 Liam enjoying his new ride.

Landon giving Liam's belly a noogie.


are you ready for some football?

Landon has gotten into playing football lately. It is no shock to me since Dad used to play football himself.  I grabbed Liam and headed out to see what the boys were up to...and then to my surprise, I got my picture taken!