Jul 30, 2010


I went around and took some shots of flowers and wanted to share the beauty in and around our yard. I love nature shots, but I'm never in a position to take time out to photograph God's work.

If you look closely you will see two sweat bees and a bumble bee to the right.


you want me to what?

I have a problem. My problem seems to be that I don't believe in some uppity-up parenting organization telling me how to raise my child or what the best thing to buy is and what isn't. Naturally, the things that you HAVE to buy, according to them, are well out of some people's price range. Helloooo, does recession ring a bell? Right, let me get on THAT! It's such a waste of money when the items I have already are just fine. Let's double and triple our inventory! Wrong. I think that their forums are great, especially being able to talk to other parents about what they are going through in their lives, or better yet, just to get a little info in general. NOT the do this, do that scenario and if you don't your child will be cursed forever mentality. C'mon! Seriously? And, there are organizations out there scaring parents because they said that you can't have this or that in your home. "I guess it's time for a remodeling project, honey, because this or that organization said so." Bull. What next? I mean, really? I can't feed my children french fries because it will give them cancer, or make them cross-eyed later in life? Or, I can't have a toilet anywhere in my home because they may drown, safely locked or not? Yes, these are all exaggerations, but this is how I perceive these organizations and how silly I think they are. Just like the jerks in Washington, they feel that they can control everyone. I'll stick to being an individual with my original parenting plan and a mind of my own. It seems to be working for me for the last almost seven years. When I was a kid, these issues weren't an issue, not even close. And, guess what? We all turned out just fine. Sorry if this offends anyone, but that is how I feel.


coffee table entertainment

We decided to put out the coffee table so that Mr. McLiam can have something else to cruise around other than a couch and an entertainment center. We'll see how long it lasts. On this coffee table are books, a basket of remotes, and a floral arrangement. Liam was in love! He flipped through the books, admiring all the pretty girl babies and played with the remotes as any infant would do. Well, his favorite was the flowers. Of course! He played with them for hours, or so it seemed. So, here he is once again having a ball!

I just threw this one in for fun.  It's an empty vase with Liam's distorted face looking through it.

This kid seriously tried to give the flowers his paci.  "I don't want it, you take it."

Is that not the cutest face ever?  It looks like an "Uh oh, I'm in trouble now!" look to me.


Jul 29, 2010

the little obsessions

Lately Liam has become obsessed with my blinds and curtains and looking out the window. Liam got a little sneaky on us one day and tore up our blinds, but luckily is was an easy fix and now we're back on track. Anytime Liam is on the prowl, we are on our toes. On another note, Landon is obsessed with using his imagination and playing dress up. So far, we've seen a ninja, an Army man, and Indian, a superhero, a tool guy, and of course, a cowboy. He uses anything and everything around the house to complete these so-called costumes. This time, he used my flappy hat for a cowboy hat, his jean clothing for the rugged cowboy look, and his dress shoes for the cowboy boots. The only thing missing from this ensemble was a horse. And, you better believe he was looking for something around the house he could use to ride on, but didn't have any luck. I guess he could have used Liam, but I wasn't going to push the issue. 

"Yee Haw!"

The untied dress shoes give this outfit a nice touch, don't ya think?

"Hey Mr. Cowboy, down here!  I'll be your pony boy!"


Jul 28, 2010

the ramblings of the elderly

Warning: Stepping up on the soap box. 

I love the elderly, or just older people in general because I feel we can learn a lot from them, but my goodness, can we please move on from when they were young? I'm always hearing, "When I was your age..." or "When we were married we didn't need/have anything. We made our clothes and drank from a well." Okay, okay, I get it already. I know they don't approve of the year 2010, but enough.  They were able to get by with no electricity, no appliances, no store bought clothing, no water faucets, no food, etc.  I get it, honest, but I don't want their life from 50 years ago. Times have changed and I don't feel the need to take myself or my kids back to the dark ages if I don't have to. The truth is, this is a very different day and time. I don't think they realize what year we're in. Maybe they call that being senile? I don't know, but it bugs me to have to listen to it day in and day out. Marriages themselves are totally different. We don't condone our children getting married and having kids all before the age(s) of 18-21. We call that stupidity, being naive, or babies having babies. And, a one dollar tip on a $25.00 tab does not constitute as gratuity. So, how about we try 15% or better for someone's service because we all know you didn't just pay for a $1.29 cup of coffee going by the size of that tab.  *sigh*  What we have at our fingertips is totally different now. Like washers and dryers, microwaves, cell phones, debit cards, computers, ATM machines, touch tone phones, and so on. It's amazing how far we've come in just 10 years, let alone 40. These folks have no idea. But, rest assured they are utilizing at least one of these items on a daily basis. So, if not having these items at hand was such a thing to brag about, then why are they using today's goodies? Why not go without?  I mean, if it's such as bad thing or an unnecessary item, then why are they using it too?  I simply don't get it. I always thought it was somewhat of a jealousy thing because we have so much at our fingertips today and they didn't. I also believe that some people are just a little too old-fashioned and simply need to get with the times. Enough already, really. I'll live in this day and age the way I want, just like everyone around my age group. So, the next time an elderly person wants to "give it to me" about what they approve of or what they don't, I'll be sure to let them know that I don't particularly like their fashion sense because they're evidently out-of-date.  I wonder what kind of look I'll get.  Gah!  Stepping off the soap box.


Jul 27, 2010

puddle jumping

Landon was super pumped about getting to go outside and do something he normally isn't allowed to do - play in the water. When we go places and there's a puddle lurking about, we always tell Landon, "Stay out of the water!" or "No Landon, don't get wet we're going in the store!".   I even joined in.  I couldn't resist.  The thought of sharing my favorite childhood memory with my first-born was amazing and so exciting.  It's the simple things in life that matter most and I want to teach my children to value those simple things, which doesn't include an expensive computer, an ipod, a Blackberry, a brand new car, and so on.  Now, this doesn't mean that they won't want them, of course.  And God only knows what will be on the market by their teenage years.  But, they will hopefully appreciate the little stuff, like picnics, long walks, bike rides, and puddle jumping for instance.

Today, our conversation went something like this...

Me:  "Hey Landon, let's do something crazy!"
Landon:  "What?  What do you mean?"
Me:  "Let's go outside and jump in the puddles while your Brother is sleeping!"
Landon:  "REALLY?!"
Me:  "Yes, really!"
Landon:  "You mean it?"
Me:  "Of course!"
Landon:  "You're the BEST, Mom!  Let's go!!!"

First, it started out as puddle jumping...

 Then, the calm before the storm...

Then, splashing...

Then, it was time to swim.

The ending result of Landon's puddle jumping/splashing/swimming good time - soaked!


summer rain: part deux

Can you tell I had fun today playing in the rain?  It was a blast.  Even if my pictures didn't turn out, I didn't care because just the thought of being outside in the pouring rain brought back so many childhood memories, most of which involved...yep, you guess it, rain! But, I will say the worst part of it was getting soaked and coming into a cold house.  Burrrrrrrr.  Believe it or not, I had to go back outside to warm up!  Gotta' love summer!  Next up...puddle jumping!


summer rain

We put our dog out back for some fresh air when it's pretty nice outside. He loves it, especially when he has neighbor dogs to play with! Well, today I put him outside, and low and behold, a quick summer rain came on. It only lasted for about five minutes or so, but just enough to get him wet and for me to panic. By the time that I had realized what was going on and the time it took me to get to our back yard, the rain had stopped. Figures. I grabbed my camera and took some photos of the rain seconds before it had come to an end. That's some quick feet and shooting skills for ya!  Weird, I know. After all, rain never hurt anyone. Well, as long as you're not the Wicked Witch of the West, right?



"P" after a nice little shower.  I bet that felt good!


the broom and the golf ball

Mr. McLiam has been finding new toys to play with around the house all week. This time, he found a broom and a golf ball. It's amazing what little things will keep a baby occupied for hours. Who needs Toys "R" Us when we have Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Home Depot! Toy stores are definitely a thing of the past in this house!  Oh, and please excuse our half naked baby.  It was a little warm in the house and letting his skin breathe seemed to make him happy.

This is what we call multi-tasking.  Playing with two things at once using all appendages.