Jun 26, 2010

i don't understand

I have noticed that people talk about going private with their blogs. Why the change? Is Stalker Steve on your list? I don't get the privacy thing after someone has been public for so long. If you are posting personal information, such as your address or social security number, I totally get it. But, my next question is, why? I suppose I have nothing to hide. If you have kids, you want the world to see how lucky you are and how far your kids have come. If people enjoy that, good for them and the blogger too. I, personally, love to read family blogs. It lets me know that I'm not alone out here in this crazy world. Some Moms even have great tips. Even though I don't get to all of them every day, I work my way around eventually. If you want to follow me, just know that I'm all for it. In fact, I find it to be flattering. At least I can keep someone entertained with my ramblings. Happy blogging!


Jun 22, 2010

photography faux pas

I think everyone I know knows that I try very hard to please every one of my clients. I communicate as much as I humanly can, and I even have contracts in place to cover what I don't get to verbally. The most important thing when it comes to photography, and not just on my part, is communication, communication, communication. Plain and simple. When a wedding is moved to another location, I need to know about it in advance for many reasons. If you're wedding has been moved to another date or canceled altogether, I need to know about it. If you make out lists of things to be covered during your wedding, I need notice to go over what is important to you, not ten minutes before the wedding begins. Are we getting the point here? I think sometimes people forget how important and how difficult our job is as a photographer. I never want to hear, "Oh, the photographer can just wing it, (or better yet) figure it out." No we can't, nor do we want to. We need to prepare the same as the bride and groom. Do you honestly think that "winging it" is going to give you high quality photos, especially when plans have changed and you failed to let the photographer know? Of course not. But, the clients will expect them, no doubt. There's equipment being man-handled and transported across parking lots (or venues that are as big as the O'Hare or BNA Airports), and special equipment needed for us to do our job properly (lighting, special lenses, and so on). I never want to get blind-sided on a job. It's the most irritating feeling. It's almost like people don't care about us little photographers, but in reality, we ARE very important and need to know as much detail as anyone else. After all, we are the ones who will be there to capture every special moment on your wedding day so that you can look back on it in 40 years. So, if they turn out poorly, you have no-one to blame but yourself. And, I love when the wedding party doesn't want to cooperate. They scatter like roaches and no-one can seem to find Grandma when it's time to take photos. Then, that brings me to my next thing - time. I don't want to waste everyone's time, or mine for that matter. I feel that I am very patient, but sometimes you just get annoyed when nobody is participating. Honestly, even the most prestigious photogs out there need time to prepare, take crappy photos, and get just as irritated if put in this type of situation. Moral? Communicate and have some respect for your photographers! I promise, you'll appreciate the ending result. Okay, I'll get off my soap box now. *wink*


Jun 20, 2010

my father story

Okay, to start this little blog post off, I have a Dad. I think that's obvious as all of us do. Some are fortunate to have a close relationship with their Dads, some are not. Well, I fall into the unfortunate category. My Dad was absent most of my childhood since he worked all the time and my Mom and Dad weren't getting along well. I'm not sure his absence was used as an excuse not to be around because of my Mom, or if he was just that person who just didn't want to be around. Even today, I'm still unclear. I have been around my Dad since I've gotten older and I was able to make those decisions on my own. I really like him. He's good to me and great with his Grandson. It's hard to believe that this "new" man neglected me. It's been about a year and a half since I spoke to him or spent any time with him. So, I think it's pretty obvious when I say that he hasn't met Liam or knows that he even exists. Our relationship is slowly, and I mean slowly, growing. I just hope I am able to spend a little more time with him before his time is up. He's sick, not sure how bad at the moment. But, when someone passes out and has seizures often, that can't be a good sign. For years now, I've called my Mom on Father's Day. Growing up she had to play two parents, not just Mom. I think she deserves at least a phone call. She loves it. Now that I am married into another family, I can honestly say that I have what I should've had a long time ago - a real Dad. Aaron's Dad is great. I feel a connection with him. He was even nice to enough to fill in as "Dad" and walk me down the isle for our wedding. After all, he is the closest thing I have to a father figure. I will always cherish that moment. Aaron is amazing with our two kids. I'm not sure if he was really in that mind set to be a Dad when Landon came along, but when he became "Dad", it was incredible to see how well he managed. It's true when they say you will adapt just fine. It's scary at first, but honestly, it's the most rewarding thing Aaron has ever done in his life. So, I want to give a shout out to all the wonderful Dads out there who have stuck it out, been there through thick and thin, and loved their kids unconditionally. It's not an easy job to be "The World's Greatest Dad". Happy Father's Day!


Jun 16, 2010

the kindergarten grad

Only two days left of school, and Landon is super pumped to get his summer started! But, he was also sad that his kindergarten days were coming to a close. He made new friends, learned new things, and most of all, he loved his teachers and will miss them dearly. He cried today and didn't want to leave. The parents had a choice to leave them or take them home after the program. Well, I chose to take him home since he was only half day anyway. He was so mad at me. It's amazing how attached these little guys get. I suppose some kids could care less because they only have two things in mind - sunshine and water! Not Landon. When we got him home, he was fine, but did shed a couple tears as he told us, "I really want Mrs. Reed to be my teacher in 1st grade, I love her". That was sad, and I had to explain to him that he will have new teachers for every grade. Landon was so cute during the program. The three kindergarten classes came together and sang songs for us parents and other family members. They were precious. Some of the songs were, "Rise and Shine", "Twinkle Friends", "The Weather Song", "If Your Happy and You Know It", Insect Song", and "First Grade, First Grade". At the end of the program, the kindergartners made sure they shouted, "Look out 1st grade, here we come!" It was adorable! I think that's when reality kicked in and I realized that Landon is going to be a 1st grader in just two short months! Wow. I'm scared to blink. Here are some fun pictures from the day.

 Gearing up for the program

Landon's classmates

Papparrazi!  There was every camera and cell phone imaginable in the place!  I couldn't help but take a photo.

All the kindergartners.  Mrs. Kist leading the classes in song.

Yay for kindergarten!

The classroom

The teachers, Mrs. Reed (left) and Mrs. Turner (right)

Mom and Dad

The grad

A little something extra for graduation (click to enlarge)


Jun 14, 2010

fun with the o'neils

We went over to Aunt Jen and Uncle Dan's for some outdoor play.  The boys had such a good time playing together, I don't think they were ready for their good time to end.    It was fun to watch them.  Liam hung out in his umbrella stroller and watched as the boys ran around playing in the sprinkler while throwing balls, drenched from head to toe.  Liam didn't seem to mind.  He knows he'll have his turn one day.  I think he was just content being outside...and his shoes seemed to keep him plenty occupied.