Jun 15, 2017

Ashley Mariah Memorial Park

It always makes me sad when there's a park named after a child.  She was 12 when she passed away.  Not sure how or why, but that's what the sign said.  Twelve?  Can you imagine?  That's just a year younger than Landon!  How heartbreaking.  Well, I'm sure she would have loved to know that Liam had a blast at her park.  He was all smiles.  I never knew what happiness was until I met Liam.  Seriously.  Not a worry, not a care, just pure happiness.  I want what he's having!

Town Park

Since it's summer and I'm feeling a little better, Liam and I decided to do some exploring around our new city.  We found a park that wasn't far from us so he could have some fun for awhile.  This kid has been needing a lot of attention lately and wants to get out the house any chance he can.  There was a nice, small creek next to the park.  Listening to the light babbling sounds was actually quite relaxing.  We had a good time!

These bleachers reminded me of the the ones in the movie, "A League Of Their Own."

Jun 12, 2017

Around the House

I have been horrible about taking pictures of the boys.  Well, I just happened to have my camera handy and took some pictures of the boys around the house just for fun.  Liam was irresistible sitting at his desk with his gigantic pencil, trying to hold it steady long enough to draw a picture.  Those little hands had to be cramping up, but boy was he determined.  Watching him was cute.  Then there was Landon and Peyton, too!

This is the usual look I get from my brood.

I painted the previous owner's name plates/boards with chalkboard paint.  You can see Landon's in the background.

He drew our house.

Good morning, Landon!

And then Liam moved on to something else.