Aug 12, 2017

Liam's Birthday Entertainment

Liam has the memory of an elephant.  We can't tell him anything unless we want to hear about it a million times.  He remembers everything.  We were traveling through Clarksville one day (I forget why), when Aaron and I struck up a conversation about improvements and the new establishments that had gone up.  Liam may be engaged in a game on his phone, but you better believe that he is listening to your every word.  He popped his little head up and joined in our conversation and then started asking hundreds of questions about a particular place we were talking about.  We made the mistake of talking about "going there sometime".  Well, "going there sometime" became a reality when Liam wanted to go for his birthday.  That escalated quickly.  So, that's what we did.  This place is pretty big.  It had roller skating, bowling, arcades, food, bumper boats, laser tag, and more!  It was a pretty awesome experience so I am hoping we can go back another day.

First things first, though.  Liam had to open his gifts before we headed out the door.  I'd say he had a fun-filled birthday this year.  I'm really looking forward to many more exciting days with this little dude.

Then the real fun began!

For good measure.

The boys trying to dodge the laser beams.

Somebody's ready to bowl!

Liam Turns Eight!

Good grief, where has the time gone?  I know that every parent asks this question when their kids get a year older, but it really is flying by fast!  I am so proud to call this little boy my own.  He has his ups and downs and keeps us on our toes, but he really is an awesome kid.  Everyone tells me how sweet or precious he is or how bright he is.  They say he's a real joy to have in class.  Secretly, I think every teacher says the kids are a joy to have in class to every parent.  It's their job, right?  I'm still sitting here scratching my head that he is two years away from being in double digits!  My baby is growing up and maturing every day.  He is learning so much and progressing in so many ways!  Just the other day Liam taught himself to swing from bar to bar on the monkey bars.  The sound of accomplishment and pride in his voice made me tear up.  He was squealing with excitement.  You know he had to do it about ten times more just to prove to himself that it wasn't just a coincidence.  He is becoming more and more self sufficient.  He gets the same feeling of accomplishment and pride when he makes his own chocolate milk.  I love experiencing things with him and watching him grow.  Happy Birthday, sweet man!  We love you so much and look forward to your future accomplishments!