May 19, 2018

Taking His Time

Liam has always been our challenge, in one way or another.  He isn't very motivated when it comes to tying his shoes, reading, doing homework, cleaning his room, or even learning to ride a bike.  He is definitely taking his sweet time and very stubborn.  I don't blame him, though.  There's plenty of time for that stuff, but it would be nice if he would show a little bit of interest.  Landon didn't want to get on two wheels either.  Things will come when he has the desire or confidence - every kid is different.  I just hope it's sooner rather than later because I don't know how comfortable I feel teaching my 20-year-old how to ride a bike.  Ha ha!  Liam doesn't care.  He's too busy being in his own little world. It probably doesn't help that we have crazy inclines around where we live either.

Liam wasn't hurt.  Although he did tip over, he stayed there and soaked up some rays.

May 18, 2018

Happy Kid = Happy Mom

Liam's smile, laugh and cute personality are undoubtedly the most infectious parts about him.  You can't sit there with a straight face and call yourself human.  He's so adorable when he wants to be.  He makes jokes about silly things and always makes my day brighter when I need it the most.  This day was no exception.  This kid seems to laugh at everything, and I mean eeeeeeeverything.  His happiness is very important to me and I make sure to remind him to keep on shining, despite any challenges he may face along the way. 

Our friend, Barry B. Benson (Landon named him), is back.

Apr 12, 2018

Soccer Mom Is Back

Here we are back in full swing this spring.  A bigger ball, a new team, a new coach, and a new color to wear (finally - he was neon orange the last two years).  Landon is pumped!  He is loving everything about this team and he couldn't be happier.  They do play very well together and won both of their games.  Since these kids are older now (and some older than others), I have noticed that they play more aggressively.  I looked at Aaron and asked, "Are we watching soccer or rugby?"  It's rough.  I am excited to get my title of Soccer Mom back again.  I've missed it.  Another thing I have missed is watching Landon play. 

No worries, Landon came out unscathed.

Apr 1, 2018

Sam Peden on Easter Day

After all of the Easter excitement had come to a halt, Liam wanted to go to a park.  Aaron and I just looked at each other because we were so tired from getting up so early.  But, we went anyway.  We know our days with "little" Liam are numbered.  Landon just tags along.  Landon also likes to "torture" ducks by chasing them all over the place.  We'll chalk that up to being 14 and bored.

Landon dancing.


Forty-somethings shouldn't do this.  Just saying.