Dec 24, 2017

Visiting Bass Pro

Since Liam had already gotten his picture taken with Santa through his school, we decided to visit Bass Pro Shops so he could do some fun activities.  As it turns out, he wasn't too interested.  Mainly because half of the toys had seen better days.  You could tell that they had been played with a lot.  He was more into walking around and looking at the wildlife and checking out the different floors.  So, that's what we did.

Liam's face!  Ha ha!  Kids kept cutting in front of him and taking his turn.  I guess I would be a little irritated, too.

The Mall

This time of the year, everyone is scrambling around doing their last-minute Christmas shopping and catching sales.  It gets a little crazy sometimes.  The day we went to the Mall, it was no different.  There were people everywhere!  I had my ring inspected and cleaned and then we went to the infamous Treehouse, that sits in the middle of said chaos, while we were there.  There were more kids than I could count!  Liam found a friend to play with, a little girl.  Her parents and I figured out that they were sweet on each other.  Wherever Liam went, she went. Wherever she went, Liam went.  They played and played until it was time to leave.  Well, as it turns out, the little girl and her parents ended up in the same store as us!  From there, they looked at ornaments together and followed the other around the store.  It was cute to watch.


Recently we rearranged Liam's bedroom to make more room for him to play, per his request.  In doing so, he has played more in his room in the last few days or so than he has in the last year or two combined.  He loves having more space!  Maybe more toys will get played with now instead of sitting in his closet collecting dust.

Liam called out to me from his room and asked if I would take pictures of him putting his train track together.  He failed, and I failed, to notice that he was in his undies for the first part of it all.  I guess I'm so used to Liam not wearing clothes that I didn't think much of it.  Then, I had him put his clothes on, then his glasses.  Mommying is hard sometimes!  Oh well, I'm sure it could be worse, right?

Liam and the Tree

I really should be jumping up and down from excitement when Liam comes to me and wants his picture taken.  When he plays or builds something, I have to take pictures.  When he poses, I have to take pictures.  When he comes up with an idea for a photo opportunity (such as this one), I have to take pictures.  I guess this is my karma for putting my camera in my kids' faces all of the time.  It's not a bad thing, it just happens at the most inconvenient times (e.g. using the restroom). 

So, here we are.  Liam wanted to pose with the Christmas tree and then stop to look at each one as they were taken. 

Dec 23, 2017

When Time Gets Away

My poor blog.  I seem to be neglecting this part of my life in a big way.  I guess you can say that my blog has been put on back burner like an old friend who's been replaced.  I really need to make time for other things that are a part of me, too!  I used to document everything on my blog.  I would never go a week without blogging.  I mean, there really are more important things out there, like my kids and their activities, family, friends, school, etc., but somehow I feel like I cheated this little bit of personal space of mine.  So, here are some things we've been up to prior to the upcoming holiday (in no particular order).

Landon turned 14!

We played outside a bunch of times and Liam made new friends.

Trying out the telescope for the first time (just a test run).  This is actually Landon's, but Liam seemed to show more interest in it.

More to come...