Sep 22, 2017

Becoming a Man: The First Shave

I knew this day was coming.  For the last couple of weeks I kept saying, "Aaron it's time to teach Landon how to shave." Over and over and over.  When your 13-year-old is growing a mustache and it's getting longer and darker by the minute, it's definitely time.  We finally found time to work with Landon on his shaving skills. We joked, we laughed here and there, and I may or may not have got a little teary-eyed during this whole becoming-a-man stage.  It was fun to watch, though.  I still can't believe that the once six-year-old who danced the Makunga Dance on video is now shaving off part of his manhood.  Eeeeek!  Hey, time?  Chill, would ya?

And there we have it, folks.  A clean, hairless teen!

Crafting with Friends

My neighbor friend, Amber, went out and bought the kids crafting supplies so they could do some fun projects together.  Not only did they love making crafts, but they loved being together and showing off their creations to their crafting buddies.  "Look what I made!" or "Check this out!"  It was really sweet watching their creative side emerge.  Maddie made me a piece to hang on my refrigerator.  So, every time she comes in my house she can see her artwork displayed.  All of the kids had to take a break from straining their little brains and play on the playset.  It was a great experience, but man, what a mess, I mean, big memories they made!

Aug 12, 2017

Liam's Birthday Entertainment

Liam has the memory of an elephant.  We can't tell him anything unless we want to hear about it a million times.  He remembers everything.  We were traveling through Clarksville one day (I forget why), when Aaron and I struck up a conversation about improvements and the new establishments that had gone up.  Liam may be engaged in a game on his phone, but you better believe that he is listening to your every word.  He popped his little head up and joined in our conversation and then started asking hundreds of questions about a particular place we were talking about.  We made the mistake of talking about "going there sometime".  Well, "going there sometime" became a reality when Liam wanted to go for his birthday.  That escalated quickly.  So, that's what we did.  This place is pretty big.  It had roller skating, bowling, arcades, food, bumper boats, laser tag, and more!  It was a pretty awesome experience so I am hoping we can go back another day.

First things first, though.  Liam had to open his gifts before we headed out the door.  I'd say he had a fun-filled birthday this year.  I'm really looking forward to many more exciting days with this little dude.

Then the real fun began!

For good measure.

The boys trying to dodge the laser beams.

Somebody's ready to bowl!